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1976 Miss DWCT: Lety Tinampay Part 2

Due to insistent public clamor and to the sudden surge in the number of hits on my blog particularly on my feature on Lety Tinampay, Miss DWCT 1976, I am doing a part two. 

I quickly did a lot of sleuthing and was able to discover a treasure trove of vintage pictures from yesteryears

Let's take a longer walk down memory lane and reminisce life in Tagbilaran City through the life of an exquisite beauty who, during her years as a DWCT coed, was a certified head turner. 

Aside from beauty, brains and breeding, she had the pedigree too for she came from one of the most respected and socially- prominent families in Tagbilaran; the Tinampay Clan

During the Casual Wear Competition of the Miss DWCT 1976 Search

You have to understand that during those pre- internet years and long before mobile phones came into  being, the annual search for the fairest coed in the campus was a much- awaited event that also served as highlight to the annual college days celebration. 

Everyone in the city practically came in droves to witness the glamorous event

During the Opening Number & Introduction of Candidates, Lety assumes a model's stance with her denim jumpers and striped silk long- sleeves topped with a bohemian scarf.

During the Talent Competition. 
Lety  showcased her mastery and virtuosity with the piano and thus shared her love for music with an enraptured audience

Fr. Ted Gapuz, SVD, the very debonaire and charming president of DWCT presents to Lety the scepter that would symbolize her year- long reign as the school's ambassadress of goodwill


Did you know that Bohol's present First Lady Pureza Veloso- Chatto was also a candidate during the 1976 edition of Miss DWCT? 

Pureza, then a perky and bubbly 14 year old sophomore student was an achiever who excelled not only in academics & campus leadership but also in acting & dancing talent. 

She represented the High School Department after beating out the girls from the higher years during their preliminary selection. She would graduate as Class Salutatorian of DWCT High School Batch 1979

Pureza who was declared Miss Talent and Miss Friendship during the pageant will go down in the school's history as the youngest ever to compete in Miss DWCT


As a Corps Sponsor for the school's ROTC, the precursor of the CMT and finally CWTS 

Wearing the then standard school uniform with matching floppy hat for sun protection. The answer is NO if you'll ask me if the hat is part of the prescribed school uniform. It was worn during the event only.

During the the annual Presentation of Corp Sponsors at the CPG Sports Complex


During the heyday of ROTC, being invited or selected to be a cadet sponsor was the highest compliment that a DWCT coed could receive for she is chosen and approved beforehand by the military cadets themselves. 


Lety was not only an accomplished pianist. She was also a graceful and disciplined dance artist who belonged to the famed Banyuhay Dance Troupe that performed during very special campus events and got invited to important social functions all over the community. 

Her patrician features plus her unmistakable class & elegance are all captured in this classic Ramasola Original photo


From the Original Ramasola Studio, I got this graduation picture of Lety Tinampay

The photo captured and preserved forever the femininity, allure, winsome charm and striking good looks of one of Bohol's most celebrated legendary beauties 

Lety Tinampay indeed embodied the true, the good and beautiful during those golden yesteryears of Divine Word College of Tagbilaran City, Bohol

I wonder why she never gave the Miss Tagbilaran and the Miss Bohol pageants a try? 

Well, that is another story.

Here's Part One of the Lety Tinampay Blog Feature:


Photo Credits: The Original Ramasola Studio

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