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Miss Panglao 2012: The Full Report

SK Panglao Federated Chair Aya Montero

Bravo to Hon. Amira Montero and the rest of the exemplary local youth chairs of SK Panglao Federated for successfully organizing the search for Miss Panglao 2012.


The girls who vied for this year’s Miss Panglao title share one common denominator. 

More than just superficial good looks, boundless charm and great personality, each girl had grabbed the opportunity to become the town’s next spokesperson and role model for the youth.

All of them had embraced the notion of social responsibility and youth empowerment


If one were to gauge the success of an event to the size of the crowd that witnesses it, then this year’s search is a smashing success. 

Thousands of Panglaoanons , guests, visitors and even foreign tourists jampacked the event venue


A magnificent stage that was splendid in its symmetry and simplicity and flanked by columns that magically changed colors greeted everyone’s eyes upon arrival at the event venue. 

An extended ramp where the girls would strut and sashay jutted out from the main platform 


Moments before the show opener, Nanay Nila Montero, highly- regarded public figure, believer & supporter of the town’s socio- cultural scene, dynamic community leader of Panglao, the pageant’s executive producer and the better half of Panglao SB member Hon. Frank Montero, welcomed everyone to the event. 

Her youngest daughter, Hon. Aya Montero, delivered the statement of purpose.


Select members of society’s crème de la crème composed of 

Ms. Irena Heberer, Rotary Club of Panglao Island President, 

Ms. Marybeth Chan, Marc & Mattheaus Group of Companies President, 

Ms. Marietta Gasatan, President, Bohol Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 

Ms. Karin Wesemael, Linaw Beach Resort Owner, 

Ms. Dianne Necio, 2011 Bb. Pilipinas- International, 2012 Miss International Top 15 Finalist, 

Ms. Joyce Ann Burton,1985 Bb. Pilipinas- Universe & 1981 Miss Young International Top Ten Finalist, 

Mr. Franz V. Eichenauer, CHA, Gen. Manager, The Bellevue Resort, Bohol and 

Cebu- based philanthropist & socialite Lady Cely Chiongbian made up the panel of judges which was chaired by 

Bohol First Lady Madame Pureza V. Chatto


Finally, the show kickstarted with the girls who were garbed in colorful EJ Relampagos 

creations bedazzled the crowd as they danced and pranced onstage to the beat of the festive Miss Panglao theme song “ Truly Beautiful” (composed by Deo Guden, arranged by BJ Baylon & interpreted by Joseph Gara)

Amidst the deafening cheers and yells from the different groups of candidates’ supporters, the three strategically- positioned wide screens flashed a montage of pictures featuring the girls swathed in festival attires and exquisite accessories

After the girls introduced themselves and after the emcees strode onstage, 

the winner of the Miss Congeniality title was announced and it went to # 11 Miss SK Doljo

This wasn't my first time to host the Miss Panglao Pageant. The first time was way way back in August 1999!

That's me with last year's runner up Mary Rose Butalid as emcees


Sizzling opener for Swimsuit Competition

Fire- breathing dancers add energy & excitement to the Swimsuit Competition

After the Swimsuit Prelude AVP was shown, the lights dimmed and suddenly, it was pure magic! The stage was literally ablaze with the array of exotic fire- breathing and gyrating dancers who swirled onstage. 

Temperatures rose when the girls came out in their fiery- red two- piece swimwear and draped with matching glittering red capes

The 2nd Set of Awards was then handed out:

People’s Choice Award, # 6 SK Bolod, Best in Production Number # 2 Miss Lourdes High School, Miss Gobe Texters’ Choice # 14 Miss SK Poblacion, Sideroom Image Model # 12 Miss SK Tawala, Miss Photogenic # 15 Miss SK Danao, Miss Talent # 10 Miss SK Lourdes, 

 Winners of the 2nd Set of Special Awards 


Despite his very hectic and tight schedule, Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto took time to grace the affair and graciously greeted and congratulated Panglao on the occasion of its fiesta celebration. 

The unassuming and hardworking back- to- back recipient of the 2011 and 2012 DILG Best Governed Province in the Philippines reminded Panglaoanons to take care of its tourism assets and updated them of the approved- Panglao Airport project.


The Evening Gown Competition that drew its inspiration from the beauty & allure of Greek goddesses brought the audiences back to the era when the splendor and glory that was Greece reigned supreme. It proved to be one of the pageant highlights. Awesome music, stylish & classic gown designs and excellent choreography.


Boholano designers hugged the spotlight as their creative and brilliant interpretations of Grecian- inspired gowns were worn with elan and grace by the candidates. 

At this point, the girls had been magically transformed into elegant, refined and queenly goddesses who confidently strode the runway and captivated the crowd with their effervescence.


A wave of shrieks and screams rose up when PBB product and ABS CBN talent Aldred Gatchalian came out to serenade the ladies. 

Many in the crowd became instant swooning fans when the fast- rising actor who stars in Angelito: Batang Ama went down the stage and went directly to the droves of spectators. 

Thumbs up Aldred! 

Fans get up close and personal with Aldred Gatchalian

DU EK SAM Corporate Representatives whisper the winning candidate's name


For the 3rd and Final Set of Special Awards, DU EK SAM gave two special corporate awards namely; Miss Sharp Philippines’ Choice won by # 11 Miss SK Doljo and Miss Sony Cybershot won by #1 Miss Panglao Business Club. 

The girls received a 24” LED TV and a Sony Cybershot Camera DCSC 5000, respectively.
Darling of the Crowd # 8 Miss Balicasag Island, Best in Swimsuit # 11 Miss Doljo. Candidate # 15 was the big winner with three more special awards: Face of the Night, Best in Interview and Best in Evening Gown. 


Fourteen year old Kimberly Gango shone and shimmered onstage when she did a cover version of JLo’s “Dance Again”. 

The talented 3rd year student of HNU High School who won the Campus Idol Quest in her school during her freshman year also showed off her terpsichorean talents along with selected Panglao dancers.

She really gave it her all and it wasn’t a surprise when the two Bb. Pilipinas titlists asked about her during the after party. 

Incidentally, her older sister Krizia Marie Gango, interviewed both Aldred and Jason Abalos after their respective appearances


Tension and palpable excitement pervaded the air moments before the cut to the Elite Eight Semi- Finalists was announced. The first spot went to # 7 Miss SK Libaong. #9 Miss Arbasto Foundation, Inc was called next. # 10 Miss SK Lourdes followed. The fourth spot went to # 12 Miss SK Tawala. 

#11 Miss SK Doljo who won three special awards including the Best in Swimsuit title stepped forward as she was called followed by # 15 Miss SK Danao who had won four special titles already. Crowd favorite and sentimental bet #8 Miss Balicasag Island reacted with joy when she was called next. Finally, one more spot…and it went to # 13 Miss Rotaract Club of Panglao Island


The shock of the night was the non- inclusion of # 14 Miss SK Poblacion among the semi- finalists. She was one of the pre- pageant favorites with her bubbly charm, sexiness, confidence, and feminine allure. 

Some say it was her performance in the Talent Night & Pre- Judging that might have cost her one of the spots. 

She might not have made it but she surely captivated a lot of admirers.

Candidate # 14 Miss SK Poblacion. What went wrong?

Another strong candidate that didn’t make the semifinals was # 2 Miss Lourdes High School. Her confidence and saccharine sweetness were hard to miss. The breathtakingly beautiful # 1 Miss Panglao Business Club also failed to advance. # 3 Miss SK Looc who displayed professionalism and who executed her snaps and turns onstage with perfect timing also didn’t make it. 

Candidate # 4 Miss Panglao Youth Organization who had this serenity and charming candor which came to the fore during the Talent Showcase, # 5 Miss SK Tangnan who displayed a subdued elegance, # 6 Miss SK Bolod who is a promising campus personality and bubbly girl with tons of personality and # 16 Miss SK Bil-isan who towered above the girls and who has the potential to become a great runway mannequin didn’t get the call as well.

All the girls prepared and worked hard for the pageant but sometimes pageantry works in mysterious ways. 


The interviews came in two parts. First, they were asked to talk about the advocacy projects that they would implement should they win and for the second half, they tackled questions from the judges whose name they picked from a glass bowl.

The judges evaluated the girls’ responses and gave scores based on sincerity, spontaneity and substance. Personality projection counted also 

Miss SK Lourdes during the Semi- Final Interview


Nanay Nila P. Montero, who was behind the successful staging of Miss Panglao 2012 took centerstage once more as she thanked everyone for their support and presence. 

She reminded everyone to be more cognizant of the youth’s potentials and the need to empower and support them in their endeavors. 

Truly, a gracious and down-to-earth lady from humble beginnings who wears her heart on her sleeves and who has her feet planted on the ground
Moi interviews Panglao's favorite Nanay...Nanay Nila Montero


From eight semi- finalists, the girls were to be further whittled down to the final three and it was really a difficult moment for the judges. 

After factoring in the preliminary scores, semi-final interviews and overall impression, announced as advancing to the penultimate round were # 8 Miss Balicasag Island, #15 Miss SK Danao and # 11 Miss SK Doljo


The audience and judges alike were reminded that the final ranking was to be based on how they answer the final question with consideration given on each of the finalists’ performance during the entire evening

Madame Pureza V. Chatto, the Chairperson of the Board of Judges who formulated the final question herself also asked the question. Since it was one common question, the two remaining finalists had to don headsets so that they won’t hear anything

One by one, the three finalists stepped forward and gave their respective answers and it was all over. It was simply a matter of announcing the final results


One positive feature from the pageant was the advanced state of I.T. courtesy of Informatics that provided fast & accurate results. Informatics highlighted their wizardry in computers as reflected in their use of WIFI technology where the judges can use laptops, iphones and ipads to enter their individual scores.

As each finalist stepped forward for their final close- up, the judges assigned them their final rankings 


ABS CBN and Star Magic artist Jason Abalos was a revelation during the pageant. As he stepped onstage, he was warmly met by applause and screams of excitement from frenzied fans. He definitely has the charisma and star appeal that could light up an entire town plaza.

The sudden unavailability of certain actors whose taping schedules were messed up by a recent killer typhoon that kept them from coming proved to be a blessing in disguise for this dashing actor.

I predict more projects for this young actor


It was now time for the reigning queen to take her final walk as Miss Panglao. Her speech was so sincere and really came from the heart. 

As she smiled and basked in the love and admiration from the town, I could only recall with fondness how she has transformed herself from a bashful girl into the self- assured and confident lady that she is now. 

Congratulations to this young achiever who is poised to conquer and achieve more of her dreams in the future! She would always be remembered for being a good role model!

Outgoing queen radiated the unmistakeable glow of a winner during her Farewell Walk


Differences in political affiliations and ideologies were set aside that night as everyone stepped forward to show support and solidarity in the quest for the town’s next ambassador of goodwill and SK’s spokesperson & role model


Declared 2nd Runner Up was #8 Miss Balicasag Island. It was truly a heart- stopping moment when only two girls remained standing as they awaited the announcement. 

Right after # 11 Miss SK Doljo was proclaimed 1st Runner Up, # 15 Miss SK Danao reacted in disbelief and in tears. As she was being crowned, she kept saying that she couldn’t believe that she was indeed Miss Panglao 2012. 

Congratulations to the winners and long may you reign. To all the ladies who joined this year, you are all winners and we salute you!

And then there were two ladies left on centerstage...

Meschellane reacts moments after her name was called as Miss Panglao 2012


A brilliant and expensive fireworks and pyrotechnics display greeted the coronation of Miss Panglao 2012. 

It was a perfect way to cap a perfect evening as the dazzling colors brightened and lit up the sky 

candidates crane their necks for the dazzling fireworks display

Dazzling fireworks welcome the new queen


Thank you to all the individuals and business corporations that responded to SK Panglao Federated’s invitation to be part of their annual Panglao fiesta presentation



One of the best reasons why Miss Panglao is a highlight for my organizing & hosting gigs is the ethereal Joyce Ann Burton, Bb Pilipinas - Universe and iconic beauty queen of my generation


Superb angles. Vivid colors. Crisp editing. Unparalleled professionalism. Magical highlights. These are some of the words that would best describe the collective body of work from the posse of filmmakers and lensmen that make up Side Room Studio. 

It was pure delight to have worked side by side with them during the brainstorming, conceptualization, execution and production of the stills and moving images for Miss Panglao 2012 


Special mention to my brothers Roger Gee and Angelo for being there


The lion’s share of the plaudits and accolades are reserved for one unassuming young man who almost single- handedly took charge with the execution of the organizing committee’s brainstorming outputs

What is more remarkable about him is while he was breathlessly and efficiently the Event Coordination top honcho, Pageant Director, Choreographer, Schedule Master, Official Chaperone, Stylist AND yes, as composer of the official Miss Panglao theme song “Truly Beautiful”all rolled into one, he was also carrying out and attending to his job responsibility as Front Desk Supervisor of Alona Tropical Beach Resort.

The name of this guy? Deonico Guden or Deo as he is called by his clique of friends. This HNU product who was one of my most capable and enthusiastic students was a campus leader during his time and presently, he also discharges his responsibilities as Rotaract District Representative for Bohol. 

The Municipality of Loon where he was born and grew up in surely missed out on the opportunity to tap this amazing Boholano’s potentials and capabilities. 

One municipality’s loss is another’s gain.

Simplicity & Saccharine Sweetness are Deo's secrets to success

Nanay Nila & Tatay Ondo Montero indeed have the eye on tapping talents

Photo Credits:

Ryan Macalandag & SideRoom Studio
Roger Gatal

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