Thursday, October 18, 2012

Winona Marie Dohig Baquial @ 18

Talk about the South Pacific and you conjure images of breathtaking romantic getaways amidst the lapping of gentle waves, the swaying of palm trees and the soothing caress of the tropical breeze. 

And that was exactly what Winona Marie Dohig Baquial, a BS Medical Technology sophomore of Cebu Doctors University, had when she celebrated her 18th birthday one balmy Saturday evening at the posh Flushing Meadows Resort & Playground which was transformed into a fabulous island paradise replete with overflowing drinks and a sumptuous feast fit for a princess.

Approximately two months before that, I got a text message from Bebet Dohig- Baquial who invited me for what I thought would be tete-a- tete at one of the coffee shops that have sprouted in the city. 

It turned out to be an invite to organize her & Celso's unica hija, Winona Marie who was in my Grade Six advisory class eons ago. 

After exchanging pleasantries and over what seemed to be bottomless glasses of iced tea and pastries, Winona excitedly told me that she wanted a South Pacific- themed party to be held at the posh Flushing Meadosw Resort in Panglao Island

We let Winona do most of the talking for she was very specific on how her debut would look and turn out

When I told her that it was going to be a nightmare to have a choreographed opening number with the 18 pairs based in Cebu, Dumaguete and Tagbilaran, she simply said 

" No need Sir, let's skip that and instead we'll just introduce the 18 pairs and we'll have back up dancers and live instrumentalists to achieve that wow effect" 

For the photo shoot, we had Ryan Macalandag and Tracy Remolador Torres, hair and make up maven for the styling.

During the next few meetings that we had for the preparations and to go over the shortlisted names of suppliers, I got to know Winona better. She is the practical & unconventional type who thinks outside the box. The birthday bash opened with the grand entrance of the debutante who looked stunning in an EJ Relampagos original.


It was highlighted with dances from Guam, Tahiti, Hawaii, Fiji and Samoa and a stylized hula number from her Cebu Doctors classmates but what really brought the house down was the special number presented by Winona herself and her Dohig cousins. 

For the 18 gentlemen, it was a unique experience for instead of the usual waltz, they presented her with tropical blooms and kisses on the cheeks. 

Afterwards, they paired off with the ladies and released 18 special lanterns up into the skies. A limbo rock challenge opened up the after party by the white sandy beach.

Celso and Ma. Teresa “bebet” Baquial, Bohol’s exclusive Pryce Gas dealers and the debutante’s very proud parents wish nothing but the best for their only child. 

Boy Dumadag & Michael Yu of Blue Grass Project did the event styling

Margrette did the cake

PROUD GRANDPARENTS: Former DWCT HS Principal Mrs. Nena Dohig & Rtn. Tony Dohig

BAQUIAL FAMILY: Winona and loving parents, Bebet & Celso

And that's "ME", the party organizer & emcee with the debutante, her cousin, her mom Bebet & Aya Montero
Kneesa Yu, another debutante & friend of Winona

With layout design by Emerson Pinos, photo by Ryan Macalandag & Styling by Tracy Torres 

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