Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Ace the Pageant Q & A

Contrary to popular notions, the Pageant Q & A is and would never be used to measure intelligence. How can one possibly judge a person’s IQ in 30 seconds? Gone are the days when a pageant contestant earns points for quoting Mother Theresa, for spouting motherhood statements and advocating for world peace.

 Your Blogger with Miss Bohol 2011 winner Farah Mian

Modern- day pageants are more into casual onstage interviews where the pageant host and candidate seem to be chatting about anything. Today’s pageant interviews are more into getting a glimpse into one’s character, personality projection, show a girl’s charm & likability.

Lest we forget, pageants are not public speaking contests. They are about pulchritude, poise & personality. And please drop the infamous lines “That would be all. I Thank you”

Look at Miss Tubigon’s relaxed stance. No hands on the waist 

Always project warmth, sincerity & charm to win over the judges & audiences
Here’s one of the most memorable interviews I have done on the Miss Bohol stage as captured in photographs. The subject here is the unforgettable Farah Faye Mian of Tubigon who went on to win the 2011 Miss Bohol Sandugo crown.

Develop a connection or rapport with the emcee  

After the interviews, acknowledge the judges 
& audiences before making your exit
Catch the 2015 Miss Bohol Pageant happening  on July 18, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium. Talent Night on July 11, 8 pm, Bohol Cultural Center

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