Thursday, June 18, 2015

International Beauty Queen is a Boholana

Ms. Noela Mae Evangelista was Bb. Pilipinas 2nd RU in 2003 and represented the Philippines in an international beauty tilt, the Queen of Tourism 2004 in Mexico City which she also won. Although born and raised in Iligan City, the 5' 9" dusky charmer’s parents Noel & Theresa  are both Boholanos so she is 100% Boholana.

For the record, the victory in Mexico would make Ms Noella "Ella" Buhion Evangelista as the first and only Boholana to have won an international beauty title. In 2003, she won for us the Queen of Tourism title in Cancun, Mexico.  

During the final question-and-answer portion of the Miss Queen of Tourism International beauty pageant in Cancun, Mexico last May 15, to describe the Philippines in 20 seconds, Noela Mae Evangelista, 21, answered: 
"The Philippines is composed of 7,107 tropical islands with its multi-cultural people living side by side. And I think I have very well represented my country tonight when I fell on the floor and stood up. I have stood up not only for myself but also for my country."

Noela admitted she felt very discouraged after her fall. Still, she won the awards Best in Long Gown, which also earned her the Miss Elegance title, plus Best in Oriental Costume, and Miss Queen of Tourism Asia. And then she was among the final five, and she was asked the final question about her country.

After she gave her answer, the crowd erupted with cheers of "Bravo, Filipinas!"

She said she held her breath as Australia's Melyssa Piva was named second runner-up, and then Colombia's Liviana Rosemary was announced as first runner-up. Noela was it.

The judges were pageant experts from 12 countries including the United States, Spain and Australia.
  Noella Mae during the final round


Noela apparently also earned high points for answering two other questions with both wit and character.

"What would be the one thing that you would do in Mexico that would surely make you end up in trouble in the Philippines?"

Her reply: "Becoming a Mexican driver. Because Mexican drivers drive crazy, they don't follow traffic rules, they drive even when the stop sign is on, and they don't use signal lights and horns. So if I would do that in the Philippines I would end up in prison."

When asked to describe herself and what values she would teach children and the world, Noela said, "I am simple, very Filipina both in values and at heart. I would teach the children of the world the values of religion and morality, and, since we are all in the age of war, the values of love and peace."


Noela started joining beauty contests at the age of 17. She later became Miss Iligan.

She went into modeling and joined other local and national beauty contests, the most recent of which was the 2003 Bb. Pilipinas, where she was 2nd runner-up. 

She also won in the MTV Fashionista search held in Turkey last year.

Today, Noela is a lovely wife to a French guy & a happy mother of two.  
 Noella is 2nd RU in Bb Pilipinas 2003

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