Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Road to Miss Bohol 2015: Part 2


Beautiful Boholana: Olivia Solis 
Lest you think of naughty thoughts, quondam means former, erstwhile or used to be. And this is exactly what this series is all about; To remember the exclusive sorority composed of exceptional Boholanas who were crowned as Miss Bohol. 

As we wait with bated breath on who will be Miss Bohol 2015 on July 18, we will recall the elegant ladies who captivated an entire province during their glorious reigns.

Come July 18, a brand- new Miss Bohol will be crowned and thus join an exclusive sorority composed of exceptional Boholanas who were crowned as Bohol’s fairest. 

After their respective years of reign, they went back to their individual lives. Some parlayed their Miss Bohol titles into glamorous careers, others decided to lead fulfilling lives as wives & mothers or as career women while others opted to lead quiet private lives.

This is the second of a series that pays tribute to these beautiful, brainy & well- bred Boholanas.


Both led parallel lives. She was crowned Bohol’s fairest the year Carlos Polistico Garcia, a homegrown Boholano, would assume the highest elective position in the country by ascendancy and later to be affirmed & validated with a convincing 44% share of the total votes in the four- cornered fight for president.

Both were to reach the apex of their respective career trajectories & continue to fascinate to be the newsmakers that they are


The beautiful & charming lass from Calape who had the movie actress- sounding name of Olivia Solis later became a very popular lead actress in Visayan films. She became an even bigger star after the Visayan serial radio drama song "Dawata na Olivia" which was composed especially for her became a huge hit in the Visayas and Mindanao during the 70's.

behold the epitome of timeless elegance

Presently, Olivia Solis shuttles between the Philippines & Hawaii, USA where she has been based for quite some time.

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