Sunday, February 7, 2016

It's Singles Appreciation Day on February 144!

While most singles avoid Valentine’s Day like the plague, the committed ones, the lovers, married couples, engaged sweethearts, summer lovers and even weekend flings are getting giddy as they look forward to the endless possibilities that await them on the special day of hearts.

But the uncommitted ones need not fret because Valentine’s Day is also marked as "Singles Awareness (or Appreciation) Day" in other words, it’s a SAD Valentine’s Day, a facetious holiday actually which is celebrated for singles who are not involved in romantic relationships. It is also a welcome breather or alternative for people who by circumstance or choice have remained single.
 Has Cupid finally found his match?
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After all, being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely.

Regardless of one’s romantic status, Valentine’s Day is dedicated to St. Valentine, the Roman priest whose belief in love and commitment made him encourage young couples to marry even if it was prohibited by Emperor Claudius. 

As a consequence, the priest was eventually imprisoned, tortured and executed. St. Valentine’s are indeed the best symbols for pure & unadulterated love.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pure Shores Villa: Bohol's Best Luxury Getaway

“There is nothing like it in Bohol yet” gushed my divine jetsetting pal Celevel when asked to give one good reason why it would be worth the trip. Celevel was excited to give us a quick tour around the place which she says is perfect for intimate holiday experience or if you are looking for an exclusive venue for a special celebration.
 Selfie with Celevel & EJ
Anda, Bohol
It took forever to fix our schedules but trust Celevel to pull off what seemed to be impossible. Except for Michael Yu & Joseph Dumadag who couldn’t postpone a client meeting in Cebu, top Boholano designer EJ Relampagos & Your Blogger headed off to Celevel’s beach house in Jagna.
EJ & Celevel with the majestic queen of Pure Shores 
From Jagna where we picked up Celevel at her lovely abode, we took a leisurely 30- minute drive before we finally reached Pure Shores Villa, a private luxury villa in eastern Bohol. Although it is located along the highway of Anda Peninsula, it is officially nestled in Sitio De La Paz in Barangay Basdio, Guindulman, Bohol.

We instantly felt at home the minute the villa’s resident manager & staff welcomed us with the brightest & most cheerful smiles and proffered us glasses of ice- cold buko juice (your choice of aqua or pink!)
  Welcome Relief: Refreshing thirst- quenchers
Holding court in the 4,500 square meter property is a four- bedroom villa that showcases contemporary Asian architecture and modern amenities. Like the lady of the manor, the luxury villa looks effortlessly elegant and stylish and seems to be gazing proudly at the spacious grounds and at the magnificent panoramic view of Guindulman Bay.

With a total of five well- appointed bedrooms (bedroom # 5 is located under the pool cabana) and a fully- equipped & well- stocked kitchen, the fully- staffed Pure Shores Villa can accommodate 10 adults and four to six children.  

The uniqueness and exclusivity of the place plus the spacious grounds make it perfect to let down one’s hair with all the unrestrained freedom, privacy & space without losing the intimacy and the ambience for the occasion. 
A few leisurely paces from the villa is the inviting infinity pool and jacuzzi that seemed to have been carved out from the scenic promontory that overlooks the marine sanctuary. To the left is the pool cabana which is perfect for sipping your favorite drinks, enjoying a massage, getting a manicure or catching the spectacular sunsets.

To the right of the pool is the dining cabana which can also be utilized for a special event. As we enjoyed a hearty lunch by the cabana, visions of unique and memorable events and occasions were already swirling in my very fertile mind. 
 Easy breezy feel at the pool cabana
From engagement parties to exclusive weddings, from chi chi events and to intimate celebrations, Pure Shores is the place to be where the verdant & lush surroundings, turquoise waters and azure skies heighten & amplify your sensory experiences.  Truly where heaven and earth meet in Bohol! Just the perfect place especially for your all'aperto parties or gatherings

cheerful staff obliges Your Roving Eye with a photo

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As dusk began to settle, the whole place acquired a more romantic feel and the jovial mood became more contemplative as everybody became lost in their own thoughts.

 this nighttime scene at the pool is surreal
We almost gave in to the irresistible offer to stay overnight but work deadlines and scheduled appointments got in the way. It was one brief yet blissful experience that I really loved and I look forward to going back for a longer stay.

Here's a great aerial video of Pure Shores

For inquiries or bookings, visit the place at any of the following links:

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