Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Most Photogenic Country in Miss Universe Is...

Did you know that the Philippines holds the record of having the most number of Miss Photogenic winners? Both Vida Doria and Margie Moran were voted on by the accredited press photographers covering the pageant while the last five winners were voted on through the Internet.  
 FIRST PINAY MISS PHOTOGENIC IN MISS U Vida Valentina Doria is voted
Miss Photogenic by the Miss U press photographers
Although Vida Valentina Doria was one of the favorites in the 1971 Miss Universe Pageant, she didn’t advance to the semifinals but she didn’t go home empty- handed and in fact, she entered history books as the first Filipina to get the nod of the discriminating taste of the press photographers covering the pageant by winning the highly- coveted Miss Photogenic special award! Vida’s photogenic features, highly defined cheekbones and sultry appeal didn’t go unnoticed.

Two years later, it was Margarita Moran who won earned the approval of the press who were covering the pageant in Athens, Greece. Margie, in a recent interview recalls how her photos were always splashed on the front pages of the Greek newspapers days leading to the coronation night. 

She became the second Miss Universe and the second Margarita to also win the Miss Photogenic award the first being Margareta Ardvisson od Sweden who was crowned Miss Universe 1966.
 MISS PHOTOGENIC 1996: Aileen Damiles
Aileen Leng Damiles won the Miss Photogenic award that was decided by internet voters. Abbygale Williamson Arenas made it a back-to- back Miss Photogenic award when she won in 1997. 
MISS PHOTOGENIC 1997: Abbygale Arenas

For three years in a  row, we achieved a threepeat with the Miss Photogenic victories of 2005 Gionna Cabrera, 2006 Lia Ramos and 2007 Theresa Licaros. 

MISS PHOTOGENIC 2005: Gionna Cabrera


MISS PHOTOGENIC 2007: Anna Theresa Licaros

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