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Why Catriona Gray Should be Miss Universe 2018

If the stars will align in her favor and if it is in her destiny, then Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray will be the Philippines’ fourth Miss Universe after Gloria Diaz 1969, Margarita Moran 1973 and Pia Wurtzbach 2015. 
PROPHETIC PHOTO? (L-R) Catriona with Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters &
Miss U 2015 Pia Wurtzbach & Miss U 2016 Iris Mittenaere
Okada Hote, ParaƱaque, May 2018
Never before has the Philippines been represented by a very strong candidate , a complete package so to speak, than Ms. Catriona Gray, who is affectionately called Cat, Meow or Muning by her legions of fans all over the world. Even before setting foot in Bangkok, Thailand, the venue for the 67th Miss Universe Pageant, she has already rewritten pageant history records as the first Filipina to ever compete in both Miss World and Miss Universe. She represented the country in Miss World 2016 where she placed in the Final Five out of more than 100 beauty delegates.
Catriona at one of the pre- pageant events & mobbed by Thai fans upon arrival in Bangkok

The most awaited and most documented arrival by any Miss Universe delegate.

Royal Thai Police had to step in guard her from the adoring mob & TV crews 
Pageant websites all over the world have her in their prediction lists as one of the frontrunners even before the pageant officially started. Catriona is also one of the most popular candidates among the Thais and the pageant sponsors. After the preliminaries a couple of nights ago, she has been installed as the Girl to Beat. Her swimsuit and evening gown presentations were flawless.
CATRIONA AT THE PRELIMS: Fabulous. Fierce.Fashionable Filipina

SIMPLY THE BEST CHOICE Simply put, Catriona has everything that the Miss Universe Organization is looking for; confidently beautiful, a universally appealing & commercially viable beauty, a powerful social media following (she is ranked # 1 among the Miss Universe 2018 candidates with the highest number of Instagram followers at 927,000) plus the eloquence and maturity.  
Miss Philippines with her LuzViMinda attire & props
during the Miss Universe National Costume Competition
From a pageant, business and marketing perspective, Catriona Gray should be Miss Universe 2018. In terms of business, she will be a highly sought after endorser, brand ambassador, and model.
MISS UNIVERSE BEHIND THE SCENES: Catriona with her Miss U sisters
Your Roving Eye is very confident of the strong probability of Miss Philippines being crowned Miss Universe 2018, there is also the possibility that there might be another frontrunner or even a dark horse who might snatch the crown from her. As we all know, pageants can be very unpredictable.

A frontrunner status does not guarantee a crown and in fact, during the last 10 editions of Miss Universe, only four heavy favorites went on to win the crown. They are Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela 2008, Ximena Navarette of Mexico 2010, Paulina Vega of Colombia 2014 and Demi Leigh Neal Peters from South Africa 2017. 

L-R: Lili Gil Valletta, Bui Simon, Monique Lhuillier, Michelle McLean,
Iman Oubou, Janaye Ingram and Richelle Singson-Michael
For the first time ever in Miss Universe history, the selection committee is composed entirely of women. Incidentally, two of the judges are Filipinas. They are world- class fashion designer Monique Lhuilier and Archt. Richelle Singson- Michael. It’s also the first time in over 20 years that the preliminary selection committee will also be the panel of judges on coronation day.

Prior to the preliminary competition last Thursday, Gray, along with her fellow candidates, met with the selection committee through a panel interview for their accomplishments and aspirations. 

Scheduling the interviews ahead of the preliminary swimsuit & evening gown competitions would certainly produce pleasant surprises and shocking exclusions. After hearing and seeing the girls really up close and personal, the committee would surely have a more favorable impression on the girls they liked during the interviews. Expect the unexpected tomorrow upon the revelation of who made the Top Twenty.


This year’s Miss Universe edition has 94 candidates, the highest number so far in its 67 year history. Expect a lot of surprises tomorrow as Miss Universe is looking not only for a beautiful face but also for a spokesperson and ambassador. A premium is now given for the speaking skills, as well as the academic & career achievements of the ladies.

Early this week, the preliminary swimsuit and evening gown competition was conducted. The girls’ preliminary scores along with the results from their closed- door panel interview scores will determine which of the 94 ladies will move to the next round. The Top Twenty will be determined by Continents Plus. Europe, Asia- Oceania and Africa, and North and South America will each have five representatives. The remaining five slots are for the “wild card” candidates, whose selection will be regardless of their continent.

TOP TWENTY will go straight to an opening statement, which means a 15-second statement with host Steve Harvey. This will determine the next cut – Top 10.

TOP TEN will go through both Swimsuit and Evening Gown Competitions. Their composite scores in the two segments will pave the way for the ladies with the five highest scores to advance.

FINAL FIVE will now have a Q&A – again with host Steve Harvey that will secure three (3) of them spots in the Final Round.

TOP THREE will have one (1) ultimate question to answer for the judges to decide who will be Miss Universe and her runners up.

So who will sizzle or fizzle tomorrow? Who will be crowned Miss Universe 2018? Catch the drama and the excitement when it happens tomorrow Monday, Dec 17, 8 am,  ABS CBN Channel 2 or at any live streaming sites online


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