Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today is My Blog's 11th Monthsary! Cheers!

One more and it would be a year of blogging! Cheers!

Today is the start of my 30 day countdown to my blog's first year anniversary. Unbelievable but true. I couldn't believe that the blog has reached this far. 

Eleven months have passed. 

One more and it would be a personal triumph for me. 

You see, some of the doubting Thomases among my friends have given this blog only a few weeks to live. 


I can't blame them for I have always been the unpredictable type who easily tires of something and then moves on. 

This blogging of mine can be quite a pressure for I have taken this as a personal mission to update not only Boholanos but everyone in the blogosphere about Bohol, its charming people and their way of life, the spectacular God- given treasures and of course, snippets on international newsmakers and global events

I have to be on my toes all the time as I try to think on what and who to feature but at the end of the day, it would always go back to what my passions are and taking time to share them with you all

I owe everything to you my dear blog readers for taking time to drop by and visit. 

Whether it was just a cursory glance or reading the blog features in their entirety, I am grateful that this humble blog of mine merited your attention 


Feel free to leave a comment, suggestions for future features and perhaps share this blog with your friends and the rest of the world 

Thank you so much again

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