Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eva Santos Makes The Round of 16

Eva & Junji await the final decision

Boholana Eva De Los Santos became the 8th and final contestant from the first batch of contestants to make it to the Round of 16.

It was an exciting down- the- wire finish for Eva  during the Aug 25 Live Shows for The Voice of the Philippines held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of New Resorts World

After Morrisette Amon was revealed as having garnered the highest percentage share of text votes from Team Sarah, Eva & Junji together with their families & fans including this blogger anxiously awaited as Coach Sarah made up her mind who to save. 

In the end, Coach Sarah picked the Boholana warbler to advance to the Round of 16. The cameras then zoomed in to the De Los Santos Family for their reaction. 

De Los Santos Family Whoops It Up!
It was a touching emotional moment especially seeing the cameras zoom in on her daughter Monique who burst into tears


The evening started with all the contestants and the four coaches opening the competition with a spectacular production number

Twelve of the 24 semifinalists or three for each of the four coaches were spotlighted during last Sunday's next elimination round as they gave it their best to impress and get the nod of the text- voting public as well as that of their respective coaches

The competition then followed with all 12 performing songs that they and their coaches chose 

Representing their respective teams in their order of performances were:

Darryl Shy, Radha and RJ Dela Fuente for Coach Lea Salonga

Cora Dela Cruz, Thor Dulay and Jessica Reynoso for Coach Apl de Ap

Lee Grane ,Myk Perez and Talia Reyes for Coach Bamboo.

Eva Delos Santos, Junji Arias and Morrisette Amon for coach Sarah Geronimo 

It was with bated breath when our very own Eva Gulle De Los Santos finally performed onstage. 

She was such a delight to see and hear her as she sang Carole King's So Far Away during her performance even as she showcased her virtuosity with the piano

Afterwards, Leah Salonga commented that what she liked with the performance was the start and the ending. 

She also gave an instructive advice on controlling one's performance especially when hitting the high notes and sticking to the musical arrangement "Just because you can doesn't mean that you should"


The unique voting scheme for the Live Shows allowed viewers to send in their votes only during commercial breaks – I believe this is a first on Philippine TV. The voting for each team opened after the performances of the three artists and closed after one full commercial break. 

The poll results for all the teams was announced at the end of the show. 

The artist from each team who got the highest percentage of votes was then announced and thus got an automatic save. The coach then had to make the difficult decision of choosing who between his or her two remaining artists gets to continue in their journey and who gets to pack up and go home 



Voters picked the very soft- spoken and simple Baguio musician Darryl Shy over early front-runner, former Kulay member Radha


The voting public picked Myk Perez over another early favorite, singer Lee Grane 


Early fave Thor Dulay topped the voting as predicted


L-R: Eva Santos, Junji Arias & Morrisette Amon
Theater actress Morissette Amon got an overwhelming 57% of the total text votes for Team Sarah. Eva and Junji got a combined total of 43%

Let us vote for Eva in the Round of 16 please


Overall, I loved the format of The Voice. The show was fast- paced, there was no commercial overload and most importantly, it was entertaining 
Don’t miss “The Voice of the Philippines,” every Saturday, 9 PM, and every Sunday, 8:15 PM on ABS-CBN.

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