Friday, August 2, 2013

Sandugo 2013: Sights & Sounds, Scenes & Stills, Styles & Smiles

Ruben's Sandugo Photo Contest Top Ten shot
It was a warm and bright sunny day that greeted revelers and kibitzers who were keenly anticipating the culmination of the month- long celebration of the Bohol Sandugo Festival last July 28. 

The annual Sandugo Street Dancing and Grand Parade would commence at around two in the afternoon.

Almost everyone was jostling for a vantage point along CPG Avenue, the main thoroughfare of the capital city of Tagbilaran, Bohol.

Past twelve noon, CPG Avenue was already teeming with humanity that seemed to materialize from nowhere.

Everyone must have traveled from around Bohol just to witness the grand spectacle of choreographed steps and colorful costumes amidst the cacophony of live instrumentation from drum and bugle corps

From the street exhibition, the participants proceeded to the CPG Sports Complex for the grand finale 

For this blog feature, I'm giving way to Ruben Tasic, a registered nurse by profession and a photographer by avocation, who is sharing all the action that took place during last weekend's spectacle as captured through his lenses

Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto & Tagbilaran City Mayor Baba Yap  

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