Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Be a Dragon Boat Paddler in Bohol

Dragon boating seems to be the hottest team sport in Bohol right now. 

Bohol Paddlers Association Inc better known as BPAi is currently riding on the crest of its stunning victory over the more established dragon boat teams from all over the country.

They achieved this during the 2nd Cobra Philippine Dragon Boat Federation Int'l Club Crew Challenge held here in Bohol last summer

BPAi is reaching out to the Boholano public and is tirelessly promoting the fledgling sport even as it is besieged with a thousand and one inquiries about the sport


BPAi embraces the philosophy that paddling is not merely to be in harmony with fellow paddlers or to be in rhythm with precision and perfect timing. 

To paddle is to be attuned with nature and to be more appreciative of the beauty of our environment

Call them paddlers or dragon boat enthusiasts but one thing is for certain:

They paddle to be aware

Every paddling activity exposes every paddler to newer horizons and gives them a keener insight and a better perspective in maintaining the delicate and very fragile balance of nature  thus helping them better understand how each one can contribute to stopping the wanton destruction against the environment and helping rebuild it


Its vision is to make Bohol the paddling capital of the Philippines and its mission is not only to promote the sport of paddling in the grassroots level but also to push for environmental awareness, to promote physical fitness, to foster team- building activities and to make the sport a sustainable proponent to help boost our local tourism industry

BPAi Training Schedules:

A) Land Training & Physical Conditioning
- every MWF, Pres. CPG Sports Complex, 5:30 am-  7:30 am

B) Water Training & Paddling- every T-Th- Sat, Kaingget Beach Club, 5:30 am- 7:30 am

See them in action during their regular practice sessions on most mornings at Kaingget Beach as they train hard and paddle to perfection in preparation for the regatta races attended by teams from all over the Philippines

BPAi Quarterly Regatta Race Calendar for 2013:

Dauis Fiesta Team Tune- Up Race Aug 17 
Tagbilaran Strait, Dauis, Bohol

Rajah Day Regatta Sept 28-29 
Tagbilaran Strait, Dauis,Bohol

Other upcoming events:

Octoberfest Dragon Boat Competition (TBA)

Rizal Day Regatta November 30 (TBA)


For those interested to join this exciting sporting activity, you may contact my friend Rey Tirol  0915 2461 329, Aries 0917 6344 782, Abby 0917 3045131, Doc Doyet 0917 3220 247, Clark 0920 7341 295 and Atty Rain 0917 3250 592

What are you waiting for? Join now!

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