Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sandugo Photo Winners Contingent Category

Winning Entries of Bohol Sandugo Photo Contest Contingent Category

The 2013 Bohol Sandugo Festival has come and gone.

The month- long festival culminated with the much- awaited Street Dancing Competition.

Throngs of spectators jammed both sides of CPG Avenue to get the best spot for watching the annual spectacle of colors and rhythm that competed for prizes and accolades from the kibitzers and the nod from the judges

CPG Avenue moments before the street dancing started

A PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST was organized not only to enliven the affair but also to document and capture in stills the revelry and the jubilation of Boholanos as we celebrated a milestone of our historic past   

JUDGING the photo contest were two of the country's top lensmen, Canon Ambassador Wyg Tysmans and award- winning cinematographer Romy Vitug, who flew in for the purpose of lending their expertise in judging

Here now are the winning entries as shared by Mr. Dennis Saco, one of the organizers of the said photo competition:


 Nataniel Luperte
Arnel Araneta
Vhince Benedict Chiu
Arnold Castino
Edrian Semana
Edrian Semana 
Gerald James Cabal
Keith Joseph Sepe
Oliver San Jose
Ruben Tasic

From the hundreds that responded to the invitation, a million thanks and to the winners, bravo!

Thank you for documenting the recently- concluded Bohol Sandugo Festival

Boholanos from all over the world would surely be delighted with these stunning visuals. It's like being in the front line minus the glare and the heat of the sun

For the Street Category Winners, here's the link: 

Sandugo Photo Contest Winners

Photo Credits:

Photos that accompanied the introductory paragraphs are from Mr. Ric Obedencio

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