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Mayumi Lugod: On Miss HNU & Miss Makati Pageants

Mayumi Lugod, one of the beautiful faces that we often see on UNTV Channel 37 is always proud to introduce herself as a Boholana

And why not? After all, Mayumi who is better known on television as Ley Ann Lugod was born and raised here in Tagbilaran City. 

Prior to landing the glamorous yet demanding job of a TV presenter and talk show host, she was one of those young Boholanas who saw beauty pageants and personality searches as avenues for self- enhancement and as stepping stones for better opportunities

She has joined quite a handful of those competitions where luck and destiny go hand in hand with the obligatory requisites of beauty & brains. 

photographic modeling

When asked what she would consider as the most unforgettable pageants that she has joined in, she quickly mentioned Miss Holy Name University 2006 and Miss Makati 2007

Here's the no- holds barred interview that I had with Mayumi:

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever entertain any thought of representing the High School Department in the annual Miss Holy Name University Personality Search
There were a lot of prettier and smarter girls in our batch who could represent the high school studentry. I never considered myself as a beauty queen material and in fact I was not the type who likes to draw attention to myself. I was quite shy so to speak
Weeks leading to the annual University Days celebration of HNU, I was asked by Sir Steve Carosus, one of my high school teachers if I can represent the department. I was speechless and I didn't know what to do, but I said yes to that opportunity that is given only to a select few 
After Mr. Carosus asked me, I kept quiet and hid it from anyone in our batch. I was scared that I would be questioned about representing my department. 
Eventually, the news came out. Some were happy and they were cheering for me but there were others who were upset and opposed to the idea but it challenged me more 
Of course, I was scared too and I really felt the pressure because ever since the Miss Holy Name University Search was revived in 2001, all the candidates bearing the Miss HNU High School sash always ended up in the Top Three
There was even a Miss High School who was crowned Miss HNU 2004 after she bested the college girls. 
I wasn't aiming to place among the Top Three Finalists. All I prayed for was to be able to answer the questions well and not to get embarrassed. 
Imagine my disbelief and shock when my name was called as one of the Top Three Finalists. 
I eventually finished as 1st Runner Up to Miss Nursing Carleen Angelica Yap. She was simply unbeatable and was expected to win the crown 
2006 Miss HNU 1st Runner Up
I learned a lot from that pageant and I am forever grateful to Sir Steve for paving the way and to everyone who helped me in my Miss HNU journey
After high school graduation back in 2006, I went to Manila for my Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications degree 
With Miss Makati, everything was pure destiny 
It all started when I competed in the Search for Mr. & Ms. Gen East Image Model where I met a talent handler. After the said contest, he asked for my number so that he could contact me easily if there were "go sees" for models 
Eventually, he called me up. He asked me if I was interested to join the 2007 Miss Makati Search for there were a few candidates who backed out at the last minute 
To make the long story short, I passed the tough screening process and became an official candidate 
Come to think of it, except for the talent scout who paved the way and to my Tita in Makati, it was basically my idea and my decision to join the Miss Makati Pageant. I didn't have to spend for any stuff for the pageant organizers provided for everything. 
I was number 4 among 12 candidates 
I never felt any discrimination with my fellow candidates. I had a co- candidate who happened to trace her roots in Cebu so naturally, we ended up as friends and we became close with all the girls 
On pageant night, I couldn't believe my ears when my number was called as Miss Makati 2007. My victory was well- received by everyone even with my co- candidates who were so happy for me 
Winning the title doesn't really mean that I was the best candidate. I believe it was God's will. And of course, I guess what made me win was my confidence and I also want to believe my fellow candidates when they tell me that I am beautiful (laughs aloud) 
My edge also I think was my mindset during the crucial interviews which were done behind closed doors. I was so relaxed even if it felt like the panelists were interrogating me 
Miss Makati 2007: With the Binays of Makati
The best advice I can give for aspiring beauty queens? "Just be yourself" It might sound like a cliche but it's really true 
When you're being true with yourself, you become relaxed and you lose the tension and the pressure 
So what is Mayumi doing presently now that her pageant days are a thing of the past?

A more confident Mayumi Lugod
Currently, I’m working as a news reporter for UNTV. I also do newscasting and hosting 
I'm currently part of UNTV's QUAT or Quick Action Team program together with Kier Legaspi. 
It's a public service program where we feature the actual rescue operations of UNTV News and Rescue Team. 
There are segments also on First Aid, Safety First and other related stuff

So for those of you who are wondering why she looks familiar, it’s because she was just right in our midst during her growing up years

After my interview with Mayumi, I heaved a sigh of relief knowing that she is still the same girl that I first knew; Respectful, soft- spoken and typically Boholana in her ways and manners and surprisingly, still well- grounded

Good luck Mayumi, keep reaching for the stars and always keep your feet on the ground!

We’re right here cheering for you!

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