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Support Eva Santos in The Voice Live Show


Our very own Eva Santos will battle it out this Saturday, August 25 during the 1st Live Show episode to stay in contention for ABS CBN's The Voice of the Philippines competition

Your prayers and TEXT votes will spell the difference 


Eva whose maiden name is Eva Gulle was born and raised in Tejero, Jagna, Bohol. 

Her grade school years were spent at Jagna Central Elementary School. 

She graduated as High School Class Salutatorian at the Colegio de la Medalla Milagrosa. 

At around this time, Eva had acquired a local celebrity tag in her hometown after winning the nationwide Girl Scout of the Philippines Singing Contest


Eva & Daughter Monique interviewed by TV host Robi Domingo

Eva's roots especially where she is from has been the subject of speculation and discussion among blog readers especially when she is introduced to TV and studio audiences as Eva Santos from Cebu

To set the record straight, Eva is from Bohol. 

Contrary to what some has said who has seen her on TV, she has never denied that she is from Bohol and in fact, during the series of eliminations, she always introduces herself as from Bohol but presently residing in Cebu City. 

Eva Santos has been based in Cebu City since the 80's but she always visits Bohol especially during fiesta time in Jagna every September
I believe this is part of the marketing strategy of ABS CBN to introduce Eva as from Cebu since Bohol already has Kim Mainit

Rest assured that Eva Santos is, was and would always be Boholana.   


Eva has been consistently wowing everyone ever since she started singing onstage. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Education with Cum Laude honors from Cebu Normal University, she taught for four years.

First, at the Sacred Heart School for Boys then to Cebu International School


The high point of her singing career was having her original composition "You & Me" being selected as the Philippines' official entry to the 1992 Midnight Sun International Song Festival held annually in Lahti, Finland

She sang her own composition during the international songfest and before the night was over, she was declared 2nd Runner Up from among scores of representatives from around the world


during the Battle Round

She could have parlayed that victory into a lucrative singing career in the entertainment industry especially with the offers that awaited her when she returned home from Finland

She opted to turn her back from the music industry when she decided to devote her full- time to being a wife and mother  


Now that the kids have grown up, Eva is itching to make a comeback in the entertainment scene not so much for the accolades or the fame for she has loads of that already. 

It's more of the artist and the performer in her . Music has always been her passion

But for this blogger, it's more than the passion and artistry in her. Eva Santos stands as an inspiration for everyone. That nothing is impossible in the pursuit of your goals and your dreams regardless of one's age and station in life

Making the Top 24 is an achievement already. 

Let's help Eva make history for Bohol in the Voice of the Philippines 

Way to go Eva!  


Here's how we can text vote for Ms. Eva de los Santos this Sunday, Aug. 25 after she performs in ‪#‎TheVoicePHLive‬

VOICE space (name) send it to:
231 - smart, talk&xt
2331- globe, tm and sun

VOTE CARDS also available online via: but it's only applicable using the computer.

You can text 30 votes per sim.   

I just got this important info from Eva Santos: 

The Voice Update: Hi Family and Friends! I will be competing/performing in the first The Voice of the Philippines LIVE SHOW this AUGUST 25, at Resorts World, Manila. 
Three artists per team will perform this night and elimination process will be done right away. After the 3 artists in the team perform, there will be a commercial break of 9 minutes.  
This is when you can send in your text votes. 30 text votes are allowed per SIM. After that commercial break, the artist who got the most votes will be announced right away. He/she is already safe for the next round, which is Top 16 
From the bottom two left, the Coach will choose who she wants to bring to the next level. All four coaches will choose from their bottom two's at the end of the show.  
This is it guys. I am asking for your prayers and support. I will always do my best so I can make you proud. We can do this together. Thank you very much for everything!!! God Bless!! 
I'd appreciate it so much if you share this post. Again, SALAMAT KAAYO NINYONG TANAN! Have a blessed weekend!!

Mga sano and sana, keep those votes coming for Eva and Kim!

with Coach Sarah

Don't forget, August 25, Sunday , ABS CBN 10 pm 

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