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2013 Miss Bohol Sandugo Dethronement Issue

The news that reigning 2013 Miss Bohol Sandugo Brigitte Burato of Alicia would be dethroned rocked the pageant world in Bohol recently

Brigitte who placed her hometown Alicia in the Miss Bohol history books almost got stripped of her title as well as the forfeiture of the prize package

It all stemmed from her supposed participation in last August 2's Miss Silka Bohol Pageant right after she had won the Miss Bohol Sandugo title

It turned out that Ms Burato was not aware that a Miss Bohol Sandugo titleholder cannot join another pageant during her year of reign

After Brigitte decided to forego of her Miss Silka Bohol journey, the dethronement issue became moot and academic 



Brigitte's Miss Bohol Sandugo triumph was a cause for celebration in her hometown especially that it came right before the town celebrated its fiesta. 

Although Brigitte is the first Aliciahanon to win the Miss Bohol title, there have been a handful of Aliciahanon beauties who had placed in Bohol's most prestigious beauty pageant

Among them:

Mary Jane Eurlings almost won the crown when she placed 1st Runner Up in the 1999 edition of the pageant

1999 Miss Bohol Sandugo Top Five: 
Jane Eurlings of Alicia is 2nd from right

2002 Miss Alicia: Melanie Sadia
Melanie Sadia, a vivacious and lissome teenager was pegged by pageant fans and spectators alike as most likely to win the crown back in 2002.

During the early round of the competition, she was selected by the panel of judges as Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown, two very important special awards in the pageant. 

Alas, her interview during the crucial Q & A wasn't quite what was expected so her quest for the title ended at the Top Seven Semifinal Round

There was another Miss Alicia by the name of Baby Bersaluna who was already an English teacher when she placed 4th Runner Up to Tiffany Yap of Jagna in the 1990 Miss Bohol Pageant.  


To avoid a repetition of another dethronement issue, the Bohol Sandugo Foundation, Inc should establish a foundation for the Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant in order for the winners to have a more relevant and more memorable reign

Furthermore, assuming that there is a written agreement between pageant organizers & the winners, iron- clad provisions and clauses should be added in the contract  to ensure that both parties will be guided and informed of their roles and responsibilities

A verbal reminder is not enough. It isn't even binding and would not hold water as far as legalities in the court of law is concerned. 


Brigitte Burato released the following statement in order to clear the air of speculations regarding the dethronement issue:
Hi Everyone! I would just like to tell all of you that I was not dethroned as Miss Bohol Sandugo 2013. 
I backed out as a candidate for Ms. Silka Bohol 2013 after I learned that I am not allowed to join any pageants while I am the reigning Ms. Bohol Sandugo 2013. 
The issue has already been resolved. I am hoping that this will end all the speculations. Let us all maintain positive vibes. 
Thanks to all Boholanos who have all been supportive since day one. 
I am truly grateful after seeing all the concerned comments and reactions, it all made me happy that there are many people that care. 
God Bless and again Daghang Salamat Bohol!
My dear blog readers, what do you think of this issue? 

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