Monday, May 8, 2017

Behold the Miss Calape Crown ...

The journey towards the Miss Calape 2017 crown is nearing its homestretch with the conclusion of the Talent Competition last night at the Calape Cultural Center & Sports Arena, Bohol’s biggest indoor entertainment venue. 

More than the prestige & the honor to represent the town in the Miss Bohol 2017 Pageant in July, the girls  have set their eyes on the crown as well.

Miss Calape crown: Befitting royalty & grace

The crown was unveiled before the mediamen who covered the press conference that kicked off the 2017 Calape Town Fiesta celebration in honor of the town's patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer. 

The winner of the Miss Calape 2017 title will earn the distinction of being the first to wear a beautiful crown that has been designed and crafted specifically for Miss Calape by Mark Tenchavez of Shandar Jewelry &  Shoe Company.

 Who will be the first to wear the brand- new Miss Calape crown?

The crown symbolizes and expresses the beauty, intelligence, confidence and power of the Calapenhon woman in particular & the Boholana in general. 

Each piece of the crown was designed to represent an important attribute of the Miss Calape titleholder who embodies the contemporary & empowered Calapenhon of today. 

The South African white rice ceramics that have been delicately arranged like peace offerings symbolize the town’s commitment to uphold unity, understanding, cooperation and tolerance.

According to Engr. Necie Yu, the pageant chair, the crown will be in the custody of the Municipal Treasurer's Office and will be worn by the winner on specific & officially- sanctioned activities that require the presence of the reigning titleholder.

The crown is composed of over 1,000 crystals & embellished with Swarovski rhinestones that symbolize the energy & positivity of Calape. It is inlaid with 33 emerald green gemstones to represent the 33 barangays that compose the town of Calape. 

The color green was specifically chosen to symbolize the town’s commitment to preserve its environment & to recognize the hardworking & persevering virtues of the Calapenhon. 

On whose head will the crown be resting at the culmination of the Miss Calape 2017 Pageant on Wednesday, May 10, 8 PM? 

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