Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Miss Calape 2017 Evening Gown Competition

The evening gown competition would always be the most elegant part of any beauty pageant for it showcases each candidate as she sashays onstage in the most classy and most regal way. 

The choice of gown could either make or break the chances of the candidates as the judges give points for their overall presentation but in the end it’s how the girls carry the gowns that really matter. After all, it’s “Best in Gown” and not the “Best Gown” award that is given to the candidate who tops this segment. 
 Miss Calape 2017 candidates shone & glittered in their Kim Villamor gowns

Here are the ten candidates in their evening gowns all created by Kim Villamor during the recently- concluded Miss Calape 2017 Pageant.

Miss Bentig I
 Miss Labuon
 Miss Calunasan

 Miss Sta. Cruz

 Miss Bentig II

 Miss Abucayan Norte

 Miss Mandaug

 Miss Desamparados

 Miss Tultugan

Miss Catmonan 
At the end of the evening gown competition, Miss Sta. Cruz, Michaella Cubillo Fronteras was named by the judges as Best in Evening Gown. She had one of the best gowns that was in glittering matte gold that complemented her sun- kissed complexion and of course, she also had one of the best gown presentations while onstage.

Miss Sta. Cruz even caught the eye of ABS CBN's Tony Labrusca 
Photo Credits: Vic Nielen of Vieuma Photography

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