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Part 1: Behold the Beauty of Miss Bohol 2017

Ms. Ana Loinda Saluan, Miss Bohol 2017 Project Chair bared to Your Roving Eye that this year’s Miss Bohol Pageant will give a special focus on the province’s tourism potentials through its “Behold Bohol” marketing & promotional thrust.

The Miss Bohol 2017 photo & video crew travelled to the candidates’ respective municipalities and the lone city of Tagbilaran to showcase the participating towns’ top tourist attractions. A novel idea indeed and an incentive for the towns that have sent candidates for the annual Miss Bohol Pageant which serves as the glamorous highlight of the month- long Bohol Sandugo Festival.

This is the first of a five- part series where all the 20 candidates and their towns/ city will be featured in alphabetical order.

ALBURQUERQUE, located in the eastern part of Bohol, is 12 km from the capital city of Tagbilaran. The municipality of Alburquerque has natural wonders and micro local industries like the making of calamay, traditional method of manufacturing pottery, and the weaving of raffia using locally made loom.

The existing tourists destinations are Sta Monica stone church and convent, Sta Fe beach resort, calamay making, ceramics making, salt making, loom weaving, basket and broom-making. The potential attractions are Tarsiers Park, Lourdes Spring, Aquarium Fish, Butterfly Sanctuary.  

  Kaorie Villa, 16 years old

ANDA, one of the emerging must- see destinations in eastern Bohol, is around 100 kilometers or a two- hour ride from Tagbilaran City.  Its natural beauty and man- made attractions makes it a perfect vacation getaway. It has stretches of white sandy beaches, caves that are perfect for exploring and for taking a dip, waterfalls and even a mystical islet. 

Don’t forget to check out Amun Ini Beach Resort, a quaint and lovely hideaway that offers topnotch amenities and excellent service.

 Sheena Marie Francesca Licong, 18 years old

BACLAYON , the first municipality to be established in Bohol by the Spaniards, is about 9 kilometers from the city of Tagbilaran. 

Baclayon is known for its historic Immaculate Conception Catholic church, declared a National Cultural Treasure in 1995 because it is considered the best preserved of its kind in the region. Its first structure was built in 1595, but the current building is from 1724 and is of Spanish Colonial architecture. 

The church includes a small museum, with relics dating back to the early 16th century, and adjoining 21-metre (69 ft) high bell tower.

  who can resist Baclayon's broas?

 Aileen Agripo Lancila, 19 years old

in front of Baclayon's beloved stone church 
There are plenty of Spanish colonial ancestral houses in the municipality, many of them along the main road. 

Some of these historical structures which are representative of Spanish-Filipino wooden craftsmanship and styling are being utilized for cultural shows and tours, festivals and fiestas, as well as some having been turned into inns.

Baclayon also boasts of its Punta Baluarte which also features a covered stage for outdoor cultural shows and performances turns into an al fresco dining experience in the evening.

The municipality is also the jump- off point for the dolphin- and whale-watching island of Pamilacan.

BATUAN which is 51 km (32 miles) from Tagbilaran, is located in the interior part of the island. Located within the province's tourist area, Batuan is the gateway to the Chocolate Hills, being only about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) from the Chocolate Hills complex in Carmen. Batuan has got to be Your Roving Eye’s favorite places in Bohol. Aside from its very cool weather, friendly people and great local Boholano cuisine, the town also has some great undiscovered places waiting for the adventurous type of visitors.

 Maria Patsy Mille Plazo, 17 years old
The ShipHaus, located along the main highway in Poblacion Norte, Batuan, is one of Bohol's new tourist top drawers. Uniquely shaped like a shipping vessel, it is owned by Capt. Gaudencio Dumapias, a Batuan native who became a successful mariner. ShipHaus, as it is called affectinately by everyone in Boho, is a testament to the adventurous and hardworking seafaring Boholanos.

The house was opened in late 2011 to local and foreign tourists to showcase the culture of Batuan. One can see the local weavers at work and buy their wares at the souvenir shop.

Another must- see attraction in Batuan is its Balay sa Humay (House of Rice).   

Balay sa Humay takes visitors to an enriching educational experience that centers on Filipinos’ rice culture.  Balay sa Humay actively promotes organic rice, as well as supporting local plant products. 

The facility is just a few minutes away from the Soil and Water Conservation Foundation which highlights organic vegetable gardens and a greenhouse.

The Balay sa Humay Learning Experience Tour is a great complement to any curious visitor’s exploration of Batuan culture and nature, in general.

 As the only locally based rice museum in the country, Balay sa Humay gives travelers a unique look into the natural and cultural history of Batuan, a slice of Bohol. The tour venue also features a souvenir shop that showcases local handicrafts and supports the Batuanon’s handicraft industry.

Photo Credits: Gerald James Cabal Photography 

TALENT NIGHT                 July 8, Sat, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gym

PAGEANT NIGHT             July 22, Sat, 8 pm, Bohol WisdomSchool Gym

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