Sunday, January 21, 2018

Who Will Wear the Matahum sa Ubay Crown for 2018?

The Matahum sa Ubay crown, designed and created by Shandar, represents the environmental, cultural significance, and mystical embodiment of the Ubayana beauties.

The crown is round to symbolize the cooperation and unity of all Ubayanons toward a universal goal of saving the environment of Ubay. The design also features two kinds of gems, the aquamarine beryl and the diamonds. The crown has 44 gemstones representing the 44 united barangays of Ubay. The central design is an upside-down droplet symbolizing an abundance of clean water, renewal, and change. 

 Who will wear the Matahum sa Ubay crown for 2018?

It also symbolizes that the holder will aid Ubay as an attraction of future good prospects. The laurel leaves also symbolizes an environment friendly Ubay. The recurring and parallel spirals symbolize balance, passion, evolution and holistic growth.

The beauty and brains pageant which selects not only the town’s official bet for Miss Bohol 2018 but also a role model and spokesperson for the town’s various advocacy projects is organized by the Performing Artists of Ubay (PAU).

Matahum sa Ubay 2018 will have its grand coronation night on Wednesday, January 24, 7 pm, Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Gymnasium.  

CROWN SPONSORS: Tim Garces, Cassandra Cassy Zion and Flor V Chua

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