Saturday, January 3, 2015

2006 Miss CVRAA: Idy Casenas Cagas

Did you know that before she became a lead star in the hit ABS CBN teleserye Dream Dad, Beauty Gonzales was a runner up to our very own Idy Cagas in the 2006 Miss CVRAA Pageant? She represented Dumaguete City in the  2006 Miss CVRAA (Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association) together with representatives from the provinces of Siquijor, Cebu and Negros Oriental (she represented Bohol) as well as the candidates from Region 7 component cities

 2nd from R: Dumaguete City's Beauty Gonzales
Idy Cagas' winning moment  came with her answer to the final question that clinched her the crown:

Question:  If you were to choose between beauty and brains, what will you choose and why? 

Idy's Answer: For me beauty without brains is nothing and beauty and brains would be nothing if the attitude is bad
Idy Cagas: She went on to become Miss Bohol 2012 

The audience reacted with a deafening roar when Idy gave this answer.

Idy became nervous with the crowd's reaction thinking she said the wrong thing not knowing that while she was giving her answer, there was the unbecoming and unladylike spectacle of two candidates who were openly showing their mutual dislike for each other by getting physical onstage infront of the stunned audience and dumbfounded judges.

It turned out that unwittingly and indirectly, she was reminding the two girls and everyone in the audience the essence of a beauty queen

Idy was only 16 years old that time.

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