Monday, September 28, 2015

All Roads Lead to Jagna

As Jagna celebrates its annual town fiesta in honor of St. Michael the Archangel tomorrow September 29, waves and waves of fiesta- goers, guests and visiting Jagnaanons have inundated the town. You have to understand that Bohol festivals and feast days are part and parcel of Boholano culture. These annual fiestas that honor the towns’ patron saints are an offshoot of the fun- loving, hospitable and religious culture of Boholanos.   
 The focal point for Jagna’s town fiesta
You add the “everyone is a relative “perspective and fiestas also become opportunities for family reunions and school homecomings. Bohol fiesta celebrations are elaborate & spectacular and preparations include the decorations & buntings that spruce up the town and the church, sponsored nightly entertainment, street dancing, trade fairs & beauty contests. 
 Ocmeja Clan celebrates Mama Maria’s 80th birthday
Venue; El Mar Bar & Restaurant

 With Bohol top designer EJ Relampagos & New Jersey- based Fritz Ocmeja
Blogger can attest to the sea of humanity especially in the town poblacion where one can really feel the festive atmosphere when he and Bohol top designer EJ Relampagos went to Jagna for 
Mama Maria Ocmeja’s 80th birthday celebration.
 Elegant Ima in her EJ gown
On our way back to Tagbilaran, we dropped by the jampacked venue for the DepEd Night where one of the candidates, Ima Casenas Cagas, was dressed in a fabulous EJ Relampagos gold & black glittery creation. She was declared Best in Evening Gown.
 Jagna's most famous product: Calamay, calamay & more calamay 
The bustling coastal town of Jagna, one of the commercial trading centers of the province with daily market and port operations, is another gateway to Mindanao. I remember taking the interisland vessels in Jagna everytime I had to go back to school, Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro City. 
 Sinoog Estokada: Good Versus Evil
Tomorrow, the Jagna Festival “ Sinoog Estokada: a War Dance” will be staged as the highlight of the Jagna town fiesta.  According to Jagnaanon blogger’s entry on this religion- based cultural festival, the Sinoog Estokada is a war dance that depicts the war between Jagnaanon Christians and the invading Muslims from Mindanao. 

The war ends with the Jagnaanons emerging as victors with the help of Jagna’s patron St. Michael the Archangel.  
The dance is performed with a drum accompaniment and the dancers, all male recite verses. Later on it was changed into a war dance between good and evil with the rhythm of a march.
Though Sinoog Estokada has been in the Jagnaanon culture for centuries, this year marks the 15th year since it was first officially celebrated.

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