Monday, September 14, 2015

More Power to Loon's LGBT Community

LOON’S PRIDE: Aside from being one of the biggest towns in Bohol, Loon is also renowned for its eye- catching & jaw- dropping cultural presentations. Guess who have been a big help to ensure that these productions can pass the scrutiny of even the hardline critics and bashers?
 LOON’S GLAM GROUP: Brio, Luigi, Jessa, Jemma, Louie, Carla, Deo, Wowie, Jed & Angela. 
Not in photo are Barbara, Radesh & Lizter, NZ- based Noel, Japan- based Scarlet
Locale: Basdio Beach, Loon
 Deo with fellow artists from Loon as they take a breather in Henann Resort

Well, aside from the town’s cultural impresarios, Loon also has very artistic & well- meaning young professionals who take time off from their jobs as nurses, engineers, hoteliers & BPO executives to volunteer and work behind the scenes. 

  Deo with Japan- based Scarlet
  Deo with BPO top execs Louie & Brio lounging by Panglao Wregents

 Deo with NZ- based Noel 
Famously known in Loon as GLAM, the group hied off to Basdio Beach for a post- fiesta outing to recoup their energies!

I personally know Deo Guden , a former student of mine in Public Speaking & Writing and now is doing well as a top marketing & management head for Alona Tropical Beach Resort and who has been handling the production & marketing aspects of Miss Panglao Pageant since 2011


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