Friday, June 17, 2016

History Channel’s Ride N’ Seek Travel Show Visits Bohol

AMERICAN ADVENTURER and History Channel’s Ride N’ Seek host, Jaime Dempsey, endeared herself to Boholanos including Your Roving Eye when she zoomed in her motorbike to film some segments of her travel documentary here in Bohol recently. 
Jaime Dempsey learns the Eskaya language with the local kids 
Ms. Dempsey was the picture of collective cool and humility when she did her scenes in front or behind the cameras.
 Your Roving Eye after snagging a scene with History Channel’s Jaime Dempsey
Thanks to Petron & Just Sizzlin’s VJ Racho, Your Roving Eye was able to snag a scene that included an exchange of lines with the American motorbike chick. It was a scene that ran for like a couple of minutes bbut it seemed to take eternity for the filming to wrap up. 
  Your Roving Eye & Petron Gas Station & Service Center execs led by VJ Racho
pose with Jaime Dempsey after the shoot

 exchanging lines with Jaime Dempsey & Petron's Richard Lobiano
The Bohol episode will be telecast by History Channel and seen all over Asia a couple of months from now.

 History Channel’s Ride N Seek host Jaime Dempsey
tours Bohol in her motorbike

History Channel's top- rating travel documentary Ride N’ Seek visited the Philippine shores with its charming host, American adventurer & motorcycle chick Jaime Dempsey, exploring the many uniquely wonderful (and sometimes strange) local hotspots on a motorcycle. 
 L-R: Ricky Lobiano, Petron’s Rabby Bolima, GianCarlo Lim, Louie Malicse,
John Paul Lim & VJ Racho 
discuss details of RIDE N SEEK episode shoot
 with Your Roving Eye at VJ's 
Just Sizzlin resto
Now on its fourth season, the show is secure with its viewership and possesses considerable experience in producing an exciting, interesting, and ultimately fun travel documentary experience as host Jaime Dempsey explored the country’s uncharted and most intriguing locations that include our very own province of Bohol, its scenic locations, its charming people & intriguing & unique traditions & culture.

Petron Service Center Photos: Nog Diosanta Bernido

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