Monday, October 24, 2016

10:31 by Chef M: A Must Visit Restaurant in Bohol

10:31 by Chef M, one of Tagbilaran’s trendiest & upscale fine dining restaurants, happens to be one of the city’s must- go to restaurants. Barely four months since it opened, it has developed a reputation for its well- trained service crew, inventive cuisine and European art deco interiors.

 with Ian Orillos & Lura Butalid- Veloso
It also owes its present success to its unique soft opening and exclusive food tasting session weeks before it opened its doors to the public. It was a refreshingly different gustatory experience.  
 DOT’s Jo Cabarrus & Hannah Dumaluan came with their hubbies
  Engr. Marcial Tanggaan & Ms. Vina Antopina

  Dominic Veloso & hotshot lawyer Popot Marapao

 Cong. Rene Relampagos & Aimee Relampagos
There was palpable excitement in the air as guests felt that something new was a brewing. Business Ching Relampagos & Wyvren Veloso warmly welcomed everyone to the delightful culinary event and explain the concept behind the novel concept behind the restaurant. 

It was reminiscent of a sneak fashion preview but the sartorial masterpieces were replaced by what Your Roving Eye called as couture cuisine. Brief intros preceded the highlighted menu selections.

Creative presentation. Attractive prices

Delightfully appetizing. 

As we progressed from appetizers to main dish and capped by an amazing dessert surprise, a more relaxed atmosphere pervaded and punctuated by appreciative giggles and witty asides from the select group of guests that included Cong. Rene Relampagos who came with wife Aimee and kids Juan Marcelo & Louise. 

City Vice Mayor Toto Veloso was with wife Lura, ageless Gonzaga beauties Barbara Ong & Purita who came with hubby Joemari Borres, City Councilor Dodong Gonzaga, Bimbo Casenas, top honchos Engr. Marcial Tanggaan & Ms. Vina Antopina, Mark & Jo Phillips, Bohol Bloggers Collective President & BBC stalwarts Babie Sarah Ladeza & Zion Campo were there too. Bohol Tourism Office Head Jo Cabarrus together with Hannah Dumaluan
Your Roving Eye with socialite Barbara Gonzaga- Ong

 City Councilor Dodong Gonzaga, City Vice Mayor Toto Veloso & wife Lura

 Bambi Casenas, Aimee Relampagos, Ching RelampagosKristine Louise & Juan Marcelo Nicole

Bohol Bloggers Collective’s Jo & Mark Phillips,
Babie Sarah Ladeza & Zion Campo

Gonzaga beauties Purita & Barbara

Dining at 10:31 by Chef M is a gustatory experience like no other. Once guests step inside the lovely European- inspired restaurant, the feeling of warmth and friendliness takes over. Cool pastel colors dominate the entire place and punctuated by the bright & lovely yet tasteful decorative pieces that are everywhere.

The huge windows allow for an unobstructed view of San Antonio de Padua Church and lets in rays of sunshine to stream. By day, the place is so inviting and by evening, the place takes on a cozy and romantic feel.

The verdict? A must- visit restaurant not only for its innovative and creative gourmet dishes & healthy green options but also for its delightful & artsy place and well- trained & friendly service crew

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