Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bb. Talibon 2018 Candidate Talks About Her Pageant Experience

During my Q & A training session with the Bb. Talibon 2018 candidates, I got a chance to get to know the girls better. 
Your Roving Eye with Mary Nhel Dajao

One of these girls is Mary NhelDajao, a 20 year old Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree holder who is representing Brgy. Tanghaligue. After finding out that she writes and had interned and written for some of Cebu’s top dailies, I asked her to share her thoughts on her first- ever participation in a beauty pageant. Here are her thoughts:
Beauty pageants play an important role on the uplifting of every country’s national pride. Pageantry has always been significant in Philippine culture and to this day, receives massive amount of attention and support in the country.

Criticisms on how beauty contests reinforce the idea of conforming to conventional standards of beauty have already been abolished by the tremendous positive evolution of pageantry. Gone were the days when women were seemingly used as subjects of objectification with not much emphasis on intellect. Today, beauty pageants are focused on empowering women by celebrating not only their physical attributes but also their individuality, advocacies and intelligence as well.

The search for “Binibining Talibon 2018” which will have its grand finale on Wednesday, May 23 is no different as it also aims to look for a woman who best represents all the people of the Municipality of Talibon. According to Talibon Union of Artists (TUA) President Steve I. Carosus, “The next BinibiningTalibon should be a lady who embodies a true dalagang Talibongnon. She should be beautiful inside and out.” He also added that they want to crown someone who knows what she wants, where to go and how to get there. 
   with this year's Bb. Talibon 2018 candidates
Talibon is a quiet yet progressive town located on the northeast side of the island of Bohol with farming and fishing as its major industries. It also boasts of its unexploited islands with crystal clear waters and rich marine life. It has 25 barangays namely, Bagacay, Balintawak, Burgos, Busalian, Calituban, Cataban, Guindacpan, Magsaysay, Mahanay, Nocnocan, Poblacion, Rizal, Sag, San Agustin, San Carlos, San Francisco, San Isidro, San Jose, San Pedro, San Roque, Santo Niño, Sikatuna, Suba, Tanghaligue, and Zamora. Nineteen of the aforementioned barangays will be represented by  charming& smart ladieswho have prepared for the pageant through a series of personality development workshops & pageant- related activities. 

During the past few days, the girls have been busy rehearsing and participating in social and cultural events. When asked what they have gained from joining this contest, the girls were unanimous in saying that ultimately, the friendship and the lessons learned from the enriching experience have paramount importance for them.

This year’s Bb. Talibon will be known tonight and will win not only a crown, cash prizes and gift packs but also a title and responsibility as the spokesperson of all Talibon Union of Artists’ events, ambassadress of goodwill, inspirational model for Talibon’s youth and continue the legacy of Talibon as home to some of Bohol’s most beautiful women when she represents the town in the annual Miss Bohol Pageant. 

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