Monday, December 2, 2019

Part 1: Miss Universe 2019 Pre- Pageant Thoughts

Gone are the days when international beauty competitions were all about beauty and world peace.

In this age of social media and advocacy- driven campaigns, beauty takes the back seat to smart, relatable, empowered, advocacy- driven achiever women and to the dynamics of business revenues. 

Miss Earth is about articulate spokespersons for the environment. 

Miss World is all about Beauty with a Purpose and, of course, Julia Morley’s anointed one. 

Miss International, the most traditional of the four most prestigious international beauty competitions selects the charming girl with exquisite, doll- like features and with refined manners.

Miss Universe has undergone a paradigm shift. After changing ownership in 2015, the new management tried to resuscitate the brand with a spectacular edition that had the most talked- about crowning fiasco.

With waning popularity in the US, an all- time low in TV ratings, difficulty in snagging high- profile sponsorship deals and inability to snag host venues outside the US, Miss Universe is now shifting from crowning uber gorgeous, smoking hot glamazons to selecting charming, articulate & empowered achievers with riveting back stories and with huge social media following. 

If IMG is earnest in its campaign for diversity, then we just have to be ready for a surprise winner, someone who is under the radar but would spring a surprise on pageant night.

Pageant enthusiasts are still hopeful that most of the frontrunners would still advance to the top twenty (after judges & the MUO whittle down the field from 90 to 20 during the preliminaries consisting of closed- door panel interviews, swimsuits & gowns)

Based on media hype & pageant fans’ support, leading the pack are the sash factor beauties from  THAILAND, PHILIPPINES, BRAZIL, COLOMBIA, INDONESIA, PUERTO RICO & USA. Not far behind are FRANCE and ALBANIA, Starting to get noticed in Atlanta, Georgia right now are HAITI, CROATIA, PANAMA & INDIA. From the African continent, we have SOUTH AFRICA, KENYA, NIGERIA & ANGOLA. 
Gazini Ganados guns for back- to- back victory

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