Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Celebrating Christmas This Year in Bohol

Celebrating Christmas this year particularly for many of us in Bohol and in some parts of the Visayas is going to be more simple

Most companies have slashed their budgets for the annual Christmas parties not only in deference to the victims of the recent earthquake and the super typhoon that struck our country

Here in Bohol, the impact is more pronounced with lavish celebrations being ditched or set aside. We Boholanos are going to mark the birth of Christ in a more simple and more austere way

Not that we have a choice. We have to tone down and slash budgets because for most Boholanos whose lives have been disrupted by Mother Nature's fury, money is hard to come by

For most of us, the observance of the Misa de Gallo and Simang Gabi the past nine days have been an entirely different experience this year

With most of our centuries- old churches in shambles, going to attend mass under the blue canopy of the sky and with the glittering stars to light up the way has been a surreal experience

We take solace and comfort in the realization that we don't need to see the physical presence of our beloved churches to profess and practise our faith. After all, the church that symbolizes our faith in God would always dwell right here in our hearts

But even with all the challenges and the double tragedy that befell us, we have so much to be thankful for this Christmas.

We may not celebrate Christmas this year in the manner that we have been accustomed to but amidst the desolation, desperation and darkness that has enveloped some islands in the Visayas including our beloved Bohol, Christmas should be celebrated for it is the season of hope and the renewal of our faith

After all, the birth of Jesus is a reminder of the dawning of a bright new day and for us to start all over again with a stronger faith and with more optimism

We thank all the people who have shown the goodness in their hearts and for their generosity. We are thankful for all the unsung heroes who willingly and with nary a complaint, responded to call for help and have volunteered their time, money, efforts and expertise because it is the right thing to do

On a personal note, I would like to thank the following for their sense of generosity and for believing in me;

To Krizia Marie Marie Gango, thank you for accepting me and for being there for me in spite of my imperfections and my weirdness

To Ate Oua and Kuya Nelson, thank you for entrusting to me some of the biggest and most important milestones in you lives

To Madame Che Toribio De Los Reyes, Sir Kiko De Los Reyes & family, for giving me the opportunity to host the most important events of Beauche International

To my BRIDGES family for giving me the chance to volunteer and to make a difference in this world

To LJ Lumayag, Ghen Lumayag and the rest of my K & N family, thank you for making me a part of the dynamic events that the company has pulled off successfully 

To my dear friend Vanessa Cadorna- Aumentado for being a genuine friend after all these years

The list is actually long and I may have omitted or forgotten some but rest assured that you were all part of an unforgettable year

Let us reflect on the real meaning of Christmas. Let us pray, share, care and give a part of ourselves

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