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Remy Vitug: Not Just Another Beauche Success Story

During the 4th Annual Beauche National Sales Assembly that was held at the Solaire Resort & Casino last December 14, 2013, I was able to make friends with Glenn & Remy Vitug, a very nice and very good- looking couple from Paranaque & Pampanga 
Glenn & Remy Vitug with their kids Gaby & Ginger
Barely three years after Remy joined as Beauche Sales Dealer & Distributor, she was selected as recipient of the 2013 CEO Award for Excellence. The award is given not only to salute & recognize the awardee’s exceptional influence and commitment but also as Beauche’s way of expressing its gratitude  for supporting & helping in the advocacy of the beauty & wellness company to inspire & motivate other  dealers to become successful enterpreneurs

A visibly emotional Remy Vitug received her award from the company founders & chief executive officers Conchita “Che” Toribio De Los Reyes & Sir Francisco “Kiko” De Los Reyes

Che Toribio De Los Reyes is of course the dynamic lady founder & CEO of Beauche who with her entrepreneurial spirit & determination in life has made Beauche International one of the fastest growing & most stable companies in the beauty & wellness market
Remy Vitug  (in golden yellow gown ) receives her CEO Award for Excellence
I was so moved and inspired with Remy’s triumph that night which she shared with very proud husband Glenn

Here’s  Remy Vitug’s inspiring Beauche success story: 
Glenn & I are both accountants. We are now based in Paranaque but I was born & raised in San Fernando, Pampanga. We have two girls namely; Gaby, 8 years old and Ginger, 5 years old.   
 Due to overwhelming pressure in the nature of our profession, we were so eager to try our luck abroad but no luck. You see, It was only me who really wanted to make the move. Glenn really believed that there's a lot of opportunities here in our country. 
Out of desperation, I really prayed to God to open other opportunies for us and it happened so fast. It all started back in summer of 2010 po I saw the skin of my best friend and asked her what she did she  and what was she using? She answered me with a question "maganda ba?" then she revealed that she was using Beauche.
Without hesitation, I asked her to purchase the product for me even if I wasn’t that familiar with Beauche. the product.  
The best- selling Beauche Beauty Bar

 When I started using the product, true enough I was really happy with the results. I was so happy with the results that I googled the product and saw its marketing scheme which made me more interested about the product & the company 
I immediately suggested to my best friend that she should include the product in her online selling business since she was selling accessories online back then and answered me "nahihiya ako eh, pag nakita ng mga friends ko aasarin ako ng mga yun" then told her if you will not sell it online, I will do it. With that, I believe she realized how interested I am with Beauche, she started selling it online. 
What was good with Beauche is, it is really a helping business because eventually my bestfriend asked me to do attend the Business Opportunity Meeting with her. All my questions were answered in that meeting and became more confident to sell beauty product though I am not a dermatologist.  
With its FDA approval and Halal certification and backed with my product knowledge, I was so determined to share the product and my experience. It was August 2010 when I started sharing it with my family & friends and the demand really increased.
Finally, by  February 2011, we were able to open our first outlet in Pampanga, the second was on June 2011 at Sucat, Paranaque and it didn’t stop there for  we were able to open an outlet in SM City Pampanga and increase the number of dealers both local and abroad.  

The demand is continuously increasing, people just need to experience the product and surely once you try it, you will never use other product.
I really feel blessed to be with Beauche. My prayers have been answered and God has given more than what I was asking.  
Ask and you shall receive. The opportunity I prayed for turned out to be more than what I had hoped for. It's not just about the money but all the experiences and the journey itself that brought me more closer to God. To put all my trust in Him and truly, He made all things possible even those that seemed to be impossible to me.  
I really feel so blessed to be with Beauche. My prayers were answered more than what I hoped for.  
To my Beauche Family especially Mam Che, I can't thank you enough for everything. I hope I could give the same opportunity to others what Beauche had given me.  
To Jenny Carlos, I feel so blessed to know you sis I couldn’t have done this without you.  

To my bestfriend Ella Manalese whom I love so dearly, thank you for sharing Beauche to us.  
To my family thank you so much for all the support and understanding. 
May God bless you and your families. I'll be forever grateful to all of you.  
So what are you waiting for?
Click the link for more details on how you can be the next success story of Beauche

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