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2001 Mutya sa Tagbilaran Jacklyn Joy P. Yam

MOST PUBLICIZED PAGEANT FALL. It was the eve of the 2001 Mutya sa Tagbilaran Pageant and everyone involved was at the DWCT Gymnasium for the Technical Rehearsal

There was one final run- through for one of the segments when it happened. Jacklyn Joy Pilayre Yam, candidate 9 representing Bool District tripped on top of the staircase and fell head first from the top all the way to the foot of the stairs. Since I was the pageant emcee, I was also onstage for the cueing and the blocking assignment. In fact, I was actually looking at her when she fell and that horrible scene has been etched in my memory bank since it happened.

To this day, I still remember how she fell. Everyone froze for a moment followed by awful screams.  I remember picking her up and driving her to Ramiro Community Hospital where on- duty resident doctors were assessed of the situation. I still remember telling the doctors and nurses not to give her access to a mirror. Yes, she got scratches and cuts on her face and legs!

When I went back to the rehearsal venue, the atmosphere and mood had changed. From frenetic and exciting, it had become gloomy. Everyone was concerned for Joy and the big question that night was: 

Will Joy show up for the pageant finals the next day?

Blame it to the rigid rehearsals and grueling schedules. Joy admitted that she was already half- asleep when she was navigating the staircase. Her reflexes were already slower than the usual hence that unfortunate incident.


On pageant night, Joy showed up at the pageant venue in high spirits. She told everyone who was milling around her that she cannot disappoint the District of Bool hence the decision to push through with her participation. 

Pickles, her make- up artist, had done a great job in concealing the cuts and bruises. There was no trace of the bloodied and bruised Joy that we saw the other night

Your Blogger as Pageant Emcee with Joy during the Q & A
Joy during the Swimsuit Competition
Joy performs an Igorot music during the pre- judged Talent Competition
The City Mayor that time was Hon. Jose V. Torralba with Hon. Jorge Cabalit as Vice- Mayor

There were 16 girls in the beauty competition. They came out in stylish summer outfits in the Opening Salvo that depicted the fiesta celebration of Tagbilaran

After competing in the Swimsuits, Casual Interviews & Evening Gowns, the field was narrowed down to Six Semi- Finalists


The Top Six were the girls from the districts of Manga, Bool, Cogon, Booy, Poblacion II and Poblacion III. The six ladies then underwent another Question & Answer portion before the judges made the final cut.


 The Top Three
Advancing to the Final Round where One Common Question was to be asked were Gina Palen of Booy District, Leslie Berry Edera of Manga District and Jacklyn Joy Yam of Bool District.

After the Farewell Walk of reigning Mutya sa Tagbilaran Mutya Amor Zamora, the announcement of winners was made


Named 2nd Runner Up was Leslie Berry Edera. And then there two girls left onstage to hear the final announcement. Named 1st Runner Up was Gina Palen

 L- R: 1st RU Gina Palen , Mutya 2001 Jacklyn Joy Yam, 2nd RU Leslie Edera
The unthinkable had happened. Jacklyn Joy PilayreYam, a 16 year old who just graduated from high school barely a month before the pageant and who survived a nasty fall the night before the pageant finals had defied the odds and found herself being crowned the 2001 Mutya sa Tagbilaran.

The Mutya  2001 winners with City Mayor Joe Torralba & Bohol Gov. Erico Aumentado
Pageant experts and watchers said that it was her sincere and quick- witted reply to the final question plus her overall performance that evening that sealed her victory.

 Mutya 2000 Mutya Zamora & Mutya 2001 Joy Yam 
 With proud mom Mrs. Lolita Pilayre Yam
with fellow Bool District youth, classmates & friends   
For this blogger, it was her destiny to be crowned that night for she had a bigger mission: To serve as an inspiration for those who easily give up on their dreams.

 Mutya 2001 with her mom & city's top local executives

as Santacruzan 2001 Reyna Elena  
with  Tagbilaran City Mayor Joe Torralba & First Lady Betty Co- Torralba  

Today, Joy has found her fulfilment as wife to Pastor Einstein Acuna and as mother to two adorable young girls. Both she and her husband are behind Hope Avenue Center, a non- stock, non- profit organization that helps distressed and traumatized children by creating a place for rehabilitation and recovery.

Here's the link to: Hope Avenue's Summer Blast 2014

They are also running a Summer Workshop for Learning Enhancement where I’m one of the facilitators in order to fund their outreach programs

Joy, may you continue to touch lives and be an inspiration!

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