Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Georgia On My Mind

Nong Boy Castillo & I are not talking about the song nor about the Empire State of the South in the U.S. of A. 

We are talking about the gorgeous Georgia Jauslin whose breathtaking blend of Filipino & European progeny is tempered with substance and pragmatism.

The beautiful AND brainy Georgia Jauslin has been getting a lot of attention lately especially in cyberspace for she is one of the hottest contenders in the ongoing worldwide search for The SWISS Explorer  

So who is Georgia Jauslin? She is the classy and well- mannered lady who would always have Bohol in her heart for it was here in our beautiful island paradise that she spent her growing up years and early education. She embodies the modern- day girl who is free spirited, nonchalant, independent- minded and who speaks her mind out.

This 23 year old is no airhead. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Cum Laude, from the University of San Carlos, Cebu City.

Her natural flair for languages that includes English, German, Swiss- German and Filipino plus her talent for marketing, communication and writing landed her a job with Alliance Fran├žaise de Cebu.  

Right now, she is presently based in Zurich, Switzerland and enjoys her life as a freelance writer and lives live to the fullest.


Aside from getting the lead role of a yet-to- be released American film, “A Faraway Life”, she was also selected for “IN THE TUB” portrait book, volume 2, part of a global campaign on breast cancer research.  

A FARAWAY LIFE: with Joross Gamboa 
MODELING FOR  Rainbowfish Photography

Georgia, “IN THE TUB" Portrait Book, Volume 2 shoot. All the proceeds go to breast cancer research. Photo Credits: TJ Scott

You can buy your copy of 'IN THE TUB' here inthetubbook.com/editions-where-to-buy/ 

I got a chance to check out her interview in Zee Style’s glossy April 2013 issue where she was asked how she sees herself five years from now, Georgia says:

 “In five years, I see myself as a true world citizen – someone who has traveled the world; an enriched soul who has gained a deeper understanding of the things that truly matter.
I see myself as a successful writer, someone flourishing in the artistic field, even if these days, it is the road less traveled.”
 A Daring Georgia on the cover of Zee
Photo Credits: Jan Gonzales for Zee
With your help, Georgia just might realize that vision in less than a year.

Vote for Georgia now through this link:

Photo: Copyright Infringement Not Intended 

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