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Bohol's Bets Are Among the Best in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2014

This year’s Mutya ng Pilipinas has been getting a lot of attention from Boholanos. The national pageant has never gotten this much buzz. Thanks mostly to two Boholana beauties who are in the fight of their lives and who have been competing head-to- head with 28 other girls from around the country and from abroad.  

In fact, I have been receiving a lot of queries that have been bordering on confusion. People are asking if the Mutya sa Tagbilaran this year Geraldine Topsnik is the same Mutya who is currently competing in the national finals of Mutya ng Pilipinas.

The answer is NO. You see, aside from tag numbers, all the national candidates are donning sashes that bear their places of origins or residency. In the case of Candidate # 2 Dorina Losenada Doerr, she has been designated as Mutya ng Tagbilaran since her mom, Evelyn Losenada, is a native of Tagbilaran.

Interestingly, both Geraldine Topsnik and Dorina Losenada Doerr have German fathers.


Tagbilaran's bet Candidate # 2 Dorina Losenada Doerr (2nd from L) is a frontrunner
Of the two Boholana beauties, much of the focus and attention lately have been on Dorina Losenada after she won three corporate awards from the pageant’s major sponsors during the last pre- pageant activity. The ravishing German mestiza won the following awards:



Mutya Maybelline- official pageant make up brand
Mutya Informatics- official pageant results tabulators 
Mutya First Standard – official insurance company for the pageant

On top of the three corporate awards, Dorina has also been voted by the media and press photographers as Mutya Photogenic

Will these special awards translate, at the very least, into a Top Ten placement?

On the other hand, Candy Cumayas, the statuesque island girl from Panglao, Bohol has been getting some media attention herself. Her sweet and self- effacing nature has endeared her to fellow candidates and sponsors as well. 

Mutya ng Bohol Candidate # 20 Candy Cumayas is Miss Fisher Mall
In fact, she was picked by the management & staff of Fisher’s Mall, the Miss Talent Venue as the recipient of the Mutya ng Fisher’s Mall special title.

The last time that a Boholana had figured prominently in the Mutya ng Pilipinas national finals was back in 1996 when Ira Naomi Naron of Baclayon who represented Central Visayas was selected Best in Evening Gown and was a Top Ten Finalist.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed & silently prayed already when the country’s number one pageant blogger, Norman Tinio released his Final Prediction for the Mutya ng Pilipinas results. 

Both # 20 Candy Cumayas and #2 Dorina Doerr are in his Top Ten list. Here's the link:

Will Bohol finally snare the elusive Mutya ng Pilipinas crown?

Let’s find out on Friday, August 8, Coronation Night at the Solaire Resort & Casino & to be telecast on GMA7, 10 pm

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Jory Rivera opmb worldwide

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