Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yvethe Marie Santiago Aims for a Miss Supranational Back-to- Back Victory

Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2014 Yvethe Marie Santiago is currently in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland where she bids for a back- to- back Miss Supranational victory for the Philippines. The odds are against her of course, but knowing Yvethe, I’m pretty sure she’s giving it her all. She wouldn’t have graduated with a BS Accountancy degree Cum laude and be a Certified Public Accountant if she didn’t do her homework

So what is the Miss Supranational Pageant all about?

Miss Supranational was born in 2009, with its first edition held in the city of Płock (Poland).  The next two editions continued in this city, and in 2012 the competition travelled to the capital city of Warsaw.  In 2013, the pageant went abroad for the first time; being hosted by the city of Minsk in Belarus.

The reigning Miss Supranational is our very own Mutya Datul
Miss Supranational beauty contest, to enter its 6th edition this year, is organized by the Panama- based World Beauty Association (WBA), S.A. that has been established on the basis of twenty years of experience in the event industry and the organization of beauty contests. The organization’s president is Tryny Marcela Yandar Lobon

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions about Miss Supranational:

What are the age requirements for Miss Supranational?
- Delegates must between 18 and 26 years old.

How is Miss Supranational Chosen?
- A panel of judges evaluates the finalists during the live televised final in the basis of stage presence, runway skills and overall beauty.

How are the semi-finalists chosen?
- The top 20 semi-finalists are chosen based on the overall performance during the three weeks of competition and during a preliminary interview.

What are the duties of Miss Supranational?
- To work for charitable causes as well as traveling the world promoting tourism, goodwill among all nations and a healthy image.

What are the qualities an aspirant to the Miss Supranational crown must possess?
- Overall beauty is the main criteria; however, our organization likes its winners to be fresh, with some modeling experience and photogenic qualities, as the titleholder will get jobs as a model for sponsors and companies.


2009 - Oksana Moria (Ukraine)
2010 - Karina Pinilla (Panama)
2011 - Monika Lewczuk (Poland)
2012 - Katsyarina Buraya (Belarus)
2013 - Mutya Datul (Philippines)

Will Yvethe Marie Santiago give us a reason to smile on December 5? Methinks yes. At the rate that she has been turning heads and standing out effortlessly, our lovely Bicolana will surely deliver whenit matters the most

Miss Venezuela, Miss Philippines & Miss Spain 

   Miss Philippines with Miss Poland Katarzyna Krzeszowska

By the way, three of the candidates have Filipino blood in their veins. Yvethe had a photo with them already. They are Miss Wales Harriet Cole,  Miss Australia Yvonne Amores & Miss England Zandra Flores. Ms Flores by the way had competed in all major pageants in the Philippines before finally bagging a crown in England this year.

L-R: The misses from Wales, the Philippines, Australia & England
For the meantime, let’s follow her journey towards the Miss Supranational crown

Good luck!

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