Sunday, November 9, 2014

Marian & Her Miss Talent Presentation

November 5, 2014. It was the eve of Marian Grace Malubay’s first ever trip outside Bohol. Mind you, it’s no ordinary trip. It was to be the culmination of a three- month journey towards the Miss Silka Philippines 2014 crown. 

That evening at the Araoarao- Gabin residence, we had a last- minute critiquing & coaching for Marian’s Miss Silka Philippines’ talent presentation. She was to present a Singkilan dance number, a modified royal dance of the Maranaws from Mindanao.

Marian Grace Malubay with Ma'am Wincie & Fiel Angeli
The said dance solo would be perfect to showcase the natural grace and elegance of Marian who was a former HNU Diwanag Dance Theatre & Cultural Troupe aspirant. Anthony Perigo, a former Diwanag member had been her dance coach for the past few days prior to the last- minute critiquing.  

We (meaning Marian, her make up artist Jean Bulasa & Your Blogger) were in awe the moment we stepped inside Fiel’s abode. Marian was in for a serious session with no less than the legendary Wincie Espejo Araoarao, founder of the famed Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe of Bohol National High School (BNHS) now DCPNHS. 

On the other hand, Fiel Angeli, Maam Wincie’s daughter and a friend of mine is always sought out by most if not all pageant contenders especially those who compete in regional and national level competitions. We braced ourselves as we were about to meet the formidable duo.

You see, Fiel is a Miss Tagbilaran titleholder and perennial winner & coach of many Miss Talent winners. She won the Miss Talent award during her Miss Tagbilaran 1987 stint with her unforgettable Binasuan folk dance presentation. 

Both mother and daughter even lend dresses, shoes & accessories to pageant girls who need them and Marian was no exception. In between, Marian was coached on poise, how to handle the Q & A and being constantly reminded to be herself. 

Marian with Your Blogger
Fiel's hubby Jerome Gabin and son Renji join us
in a keepsake of the coaching session
Anyway, it was an enriching learning experience.  Marian acknowledged that she benefitted immensely from that brief session. To Maam Wincie and Fiel Angeli, our most sincere thanks!

Marian is Miss Talent- ready!

We would also like to thank EJ Relampagos, top Boholano designer for lending Bohol’s bet with some cocktail dresses.

Our most sincere thanks to the DermDoc tandem of Boholano dermatologists Dr. Joyce Castillo & Dr. James Sombrio for taking care of the dermatologic needs & skin care regimen of Marian Malubay

Photo Credits: 

Jean Bulasa
Fiel Angeli Araoarao Gabin

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