Sunday, November 9, 2014

Miss Silka Philippines 2014 People's Choice Award: What Happened?

Bohol’s Bet: Marian Grace Malubay
I am back after a brief hiatus. The past couple of weeks, we were engrossed with the preparations for Bohol’s participation in the Miss Silka Philippines 2014 Pageant. 

Being the local pageant’s organizers & publicists, we had to make sure that Marian Grace Malubay, Miss Silka Bohol 2014, would be ready for the national finals of the annual search for Silka’s brand ambassadress.

It has been an exciting rollercoaster ride so far for many Boholanos who have been following Marian’s journey for the Miss Silka Philippines 2014 crown.

Earlier last week, a memo regarding the People’s Choice special award was released. It was for the candidate who got the highest number of Likes from November 7, 12 noon to November 8, 12 midnight. I instructed Marian to post in Boholano association or group pages in FB. She even posted in “You Know You’re Boholano If” which has a whooping 45,000 members.

When the voting started, she was pacing the other girls but when her plea for help started to get noticed, many Boholanos responded to her call resulting in an avalanche of Likes that totaled 10,000 plus!

Marian prior to the Talent Show
Overnight, Marian Grace found herself on top of the leaderboard followed by Miss Pampanga and Miss Quezon. Our glee turned to dismay however when internet trolls and bashers started attacking Marian and Boholanos by extension. They couldn't believe how we Boholanos can band together when regional pride is at stake. The narrow- minded cyber bullies began ganging up on Marian and they resorted to name- calling such as Liar, Cheat. It was to be expected especially when a candidate becomes a frontrunner.

Going into the dying seconds before the deadline at 12 midnight of November 8, Marian was leading the pack with a 4,000 lead over the second highest- ranked candidate. Technically, she should have been the winner of the special award but it was not to be.

You see, the deadline for the online voting was extended until 12 noon today and this is where Miss Valenzuela was able to squeak in and snatch the award from Miss Bohol.  Valenzuela was able to amass 16,000 likes against Marian’s 13, 600 likes. 

What a bummer! 

Congratulations to Miss Valenzuela and her team of supporters for the great strategy and solid support for the candidate. Well, we have to abide with the organizers’ last- minute decision to amend the guideline specifically the deadline extension.

If there’s anything good that came out from this, it would have to be how Boholanos from all over the world banded together and rallied behind a fellow Boholano. I am still in awe of how we were able to amass the 10,000 likes in a span of five hours.

Marian Grace Malubay was grace and elegance personified during the Talent Competition 

What happened during the online voting and the comments & remarks that ensued are just solid proof that Filipinos are very passionate about their pageant candidates. 

As a parting shot, I would just like to remind fellow Boholanos that we may have lost out the online voting to another girl but we kept our dignity and sense of pride intact! 

Thank you on behalf of Marian Grace Malubay who has been advised to stay away from FB and other social media so she can concentrate for tonight's Grand Finale.

Way to go fellow Boholanos!

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