Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why Steve Harvey Shouldn't Be Blamed for Miss Universe 2015 Crowning Fiasco

So much has been written and said about how Steve Harvey messed up big- time with the Miss Universe 2015 crowning fiasco but little has been said on the whys and the hows.

Ariadna is not choking Pia after she makes the Final Three

As far as I can remember, the announcement of winners in Miss Universe has always been in reverse order meaning they start with the 4th RU up to the moment when there are two girls left onstage and the emcee announces that he will call the 1st RU ahead of the winner and the girl whose name is not called is the new Miss Universe.
 Harvey exposes his mistake
 Paulina removes the crown from Ariadna

 Miss Universe crown is placed on Pia's head
 Paulina gives reassuring pat & comforting words to her
compatriot Ariadna while Pia beams with joy
All would have been okay had they not changed the usual way of announcing the results which began in 2011. When Miss Ukraine and Miss Angola were the only girls left onstage, the emcee said “We will announce the name of the new Miss Universe ahead of the 1st RU so that means that the girl whose name isn’t called will be 1st RU” I told myself that it was a disaster in the making and it did happen last Monday.

Add to the mix the fact that Steve Harvey was a first- time pageant emcee and the perfect recipe for the fiasco was created.
 Miss Universe 2015 results card: Recipe for Disaster

When a photo of the cue card that had the winners’ names was posted on the Internet, my suspicions and nagging feelings were validated.  The pageant emcee was given a card where the names are listed in a different order than he has to announce them.  The card could have been scripted so Steve Harvey just had to read from it. "The second runner-up is USA. Our new Miss Universe is Philippines."  

If the name of the winner was going to be announced from the final two, the name of the first runner-up shouldn't be on the card at all, unless it can be said after the winner is named "this means Colombia is the first runner-up" just like how Guilliana Rancic said “congratulations to Janine Tugonon of the Philippines the 1st RU” after Miss USA Olivia Culpo was proclaimed Miss Universe 2015 
 Pia's roommate Miss Myanmar leads well- wishers
Oh well, all’s well that end well. If it’s any consolation for Miss Colombia, she is now the most famous Miss Universe 1st RU in the pageant’s 64 year history.

As for Steve Harvey, well, ha has the last laugh. You see, it has been confirmed that he will be hosting Miss Universe 2016 in the beautiful Caribbean island of Belize next year

Merry Christmas everyone!   

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