Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Mourns the Loss of Two Miss Universe Winners

Looking back at the year that was, perhaps it was pre- ordained that there would be no Miss Universe pageant for 2014 in fact, the only year when the 64 year old pageant didn’t stage the annual beauty competition.
 Two Miss U Winners for 2015: Paulina & Pia
Year 2015 saw the coronation of two Miss Universes. We have Paulina Vega of Colombia who won in January 25, 2015 and would be known as the 63rd Miss Universe and of course Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines who was crowned on December 20.

However, with the addition of two Miss Universe winners in the pageant’s roster of winners came the loss of two well- loved Miss Universe winners in 2015.


The universe mourned the demise of USA’s Sylvia Hitchcock Carson-Miss Universe 1967 who lost her battle with cancer on August 16, 2015 at the age of 69. 

She was crowned the 16th Miss Universe on July 15 1967 in Miami Beach, Florida and reigned until July 13, 1968. Movie actress Pilar Pilapil was the Philippine delegate to Miss Universe in 1967.

Sylvia was the only Miss Universe who flew all the way from the US to join Miss U 1952 Armi Kuusela and Miss U 1969 Gloria Daz as special guests in Miss Universe 1974 being held in Manila. All three Miss Universe winners were seated right onstage. 

It was an instant reunion for Sylvia and Bob Barker for the legendary host debuted as Miss Universe pageant emcee in the 1967 edition which Sylvia won.

 1967 Miss Universe & Runners Up

 1967 Miss Philippines Pilar Pilapil in Miss U


Later this year, Miss Universe fans were greeted with the sad news that Luz Marina Zuluaga of Colombia, Miss Universe 1958 passed away on December 2 due to heart failure. She was 77 years old. 

The late Luz Marina almost didn’t meet her destiny with the Miss Universe crown on her head for she finished as 1st RU only during the 1957 Miss Colombia Pageant. 

However, the winner got married just before the pageant thus giving Luz the chance to compete as Colombia’s very first Miss Universe representative. She was crowned the 7th Miss Universe on July 26 1958 at Long Beach, California and reigned until July 24, 1959

1958 Miss Universe Luz Marina Zuluaga

  1st RU Brazil 2nd RU Hawaii Miss U 1958 3rd RU USA 4th RU Poland
Her Miss Universe victory was rewarded by the Colombian government by making her tax- exempt for life and was gifted by the people of Manizales, Colombia (her place of residence) with a mansion.
  Miss U 58 Luz Marina Zuluaga & Ariadna Gurtierrez
during Paulina's homecoming visit
 Colombia's past & present Miss U winners 
 Miss U queens on Colombian TV. She would pass away
months after this televised interview

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