Saturday, January 2, 2016

Greeting the New Year from Alona Tropical Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol

 In the hours that led to the final countdown to welcome Year 2016, I began feeling nostalgic for all the things that happened during the last 12 months, felt bittersweet about what could have been, should have been & what might have been but hey we made it! 

This year, I hope that we all make real changes from where we are safely ensconced. Because when we change, we grow and when we grow, we can parlay that growth into the good life, great food, gorgeous lifestyle and perhaps that elusive love that we have been chasing from afar.  

Your Roving Eye was in Panglao’s crown jewel better known as the Alona strip, home to rows and rows of resorts, restaurants and bars scattered along a spectacular pristine white sandy beach, to welcome the New Year! 


What a welcome it was. Together with jetsetter Sheila Clarete Simbajon, we traversed the entire strip and needless to say, we have been elated and we rejoiced at the sights and sounds that greeted our senses! Every nook and cranny was occupied by revelers and holiday makers from everywhere! 

The delicious aroma wafting from broiled squids and shrimps, the heady therapeutic smell of those ubiquitous masseuses’ liniments and oils, the hypnotic flicker from the holiday decorative lights and the urge to  kiss and hug everyone we met along the way. 

Would this augur well for a more vibrant tourism not only in Panglao but also in Anda and the rest of Bohol’s promising tourism hubs? 

Methinks yes especially with the assurance from PD Agustin and local governments of more police presence and better & improved peace and order

But of course no one could hold a candle against the spectacular show that awaited more than 300 guests who booked  the New Year’s Eve dinner special & cultural show from Alona Tropical Beach Resort. 

From the very Pinoy gourmet buffet to the exotic dances down to the service crew who were garbed in colorful tribal outfits. 

For Joop den Besten who came with parents all the from Netherlands upon the urging of Netherlands- based sister- in -law Loida Maniwang and brother Harm den Besten and daughter Alita 
It was so special and we got the star treatment”  When asked if they were coming back, he exclaimed” Of course, and I’m going to tell all my friends back home about the beauty of Bohol and its people”
 With Loida Maniwang den Besten with hubby Harm and daugfhter Alita

 With Joop de Besten and parents from Netherlands

Perhaps, the most unique part at Alona Tropical’s show was the universal prayer where everyone lighted a candle and held hands a couple of minutes before the countdown to greet the new year began. It was a touching prayer that invoked universal peace in the midst of sporadic violence around the world and looking around, 

I was touched to see nationalities from Asia, Africa, Europe, from Down Under and even from the Americas reaching out to hug and shake hands!

And there was the bonus of being ringside spectators to the lavish out-of-this world P200,000 fireworks display from Henann Resort that had everyone agape and craning our necks at the illumined skies for almost 10 minutes!

Can you beat that! 

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