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Part 3: The Biggest & Most Controversial Pageant Stories for Year 2015

And here now are the top three pageant stories for Year 2015! 
3 MISS PHILIPPINES IS MISS UNIVERSE 2015  After 42 long years, the Philippines won its third Miss Universe crown courtesy of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach  but did you know that when Pia was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2015 last summer, she was bashed and criticized because of her unflattering and untoned body figure. Detractors and skeptics were one in saying that she  will only make the Top 15 because of the sash factor.

Determination & discipline spelled the difference 
But Pia proved everyone wrong when she plunged into a punishing physical fitness regimen with iron will and disciplined herself. A few months before she was to leave for Las Vegas to compete in the biggest battle of her life, a svelte and a slim Pia emerged to the pleasant surprise of pageant fans and experts

Pia during her Miss Universe send- off at the NAIA 
No wonder then when celebrity blogger & Miss Universe 2015 judge Perez Hilton remarked that Pia came to win and she went to the competition with something to prove.
 Miss U 2015 is from the Philippines!
Pia Wurtzbach’s Miss Universe victory is not only a long- overdue Christmas gift to her countrymen but also an inspiration to everyone particularly the youth and solid proof that anything is possible if you set your mind and heart to something.

Long May You Reign Pia!

2 MISS UNIVERSE CROWNING FIASCO Nothing can top the embarrassing & humiliating finale of Miss Universe 2015 which made headlines around the world. Miss Colombia was initially proclaimed as the winner but minutes later, pageant host Steve Harvey informed the stunned audience that he had erred when he made the announcement of winners. 

Shock and disbelief on both Ariadna and Pia 
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Outgoing Miss Universe Paulina Vega then removed the crown from her compatriot’s head and placed it on Miss Philippines’ head.

The mistake made the Miss Universe Pageant as the most talked story around the world for year 2015 and Ariadna Gutierrez will now go down in Miss Universe history as the pageant’s most famous 1st Runner Up
 Heartbreaking photo of Miss Colombia
1 THE PHILIPPINES IS COUNTRY OF THE YEAR IN PAGEANTRY Without a shred of doubt, the Philippines deserves its Country of the Year in Pageants for 2015. Just when you thought that the Class of 2013 was the most successful in pageantry with crowning victories in Miss World, Miss Supranational , Miss Tourism Queen of the Year and Miss International, runner up in Miss Universe, Top Eight in Miss Earth & Top 10 in Miss Tourism Queen Int’l, here comes the Class of 2015 with convincing triumphs that saw the country win six international crowns, runners up placements & semifinalist placements.

 L-R: Pia, Angelia, Anna, Leren, Cindy & Trixie
We got our third Miss Universe crown care of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, a back-to- back victory in Miss Earth by Angelia Gabrena Ong, our first Miss Globe won by Ann Lorraine Colis , our third Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International crown in four years won by Leren Mae Bautista and Cindy Madumma, our first Miss SCUBA International. Even our transgender women proved to be among the world’s most beautiful with our second Miss International Queen crown courtesy of Trixie Maristela.

Aside from Wurtzbach and Ong, we also had Miss Grand Int’l 3rd RU Parul Shah, Miss World Top 10 Finalist Hillarie Parungao, Miss International Top 10 Finalist Janicel Lubina and Miss Supranational Top 20 Finalist Rogelie Catacutan.

Most notably, the Philippines is the only country to have placed in all six Grand Slam pageants for Year 2015! In second place for Country of the Year is Australia which placed in five of the six Grand Slam pageants. In third place is Spain which won its first Miss World crown. Venezuela is in fourth place with its seventh Miss International crown. 

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