Monday, January 25, 2016

Today is Queen Pia's Grand Victory Parade!

Today, the whole nation awaits her grand victory parade, one of the biggest highlights of Queen Pia’s week- long grand homecoming
 Photo Credits: CNN Philippines
Everything is all set for the parade including the magnificent & elegant blue & white float designed by Fritz Solirio.

 The float measures 14 ft length x 7 ft width x 6 ft heightFloat Design: Fritz Solirio
Event organizers & government authorities are expecting thousands of Filipinos to welcome and to cheer on for the country’s third Miss Universe

The parade will kick off at 2 pm from Sofitel Hotel in Pasay City then traverse at Roxas Boulevard before making its way to Buendia Avenue, Makati City.

The Journey to the Crown Wasn’t Easy
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At a time when the Philippines has been scandalized by political divisiveness & devastated by natural calamities and man-made tragedies, super typhoons and an earthquake, a grateful nation awaits the triumphant homecoming of Pia.

After all, just when the young generation of Filipinos is looking for a role model and an inspiration, a Filipina who demonstrated and gave the whole universe the meaning of grace, humility, kindness and gratitude is suddenly thrust into the spotlight and hopefully will relish her new role as inspirational queen.

Mabuhay ka Pia!

Long May You Reign!

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