Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pageant Emcee & Miss DWCT 1991 Reunites 25 Years After the Pageant

Guess who I would bump into last Monday at the Bohol Tropics Resort? Ana Brechyl Romero Laga , the 1991 Miss DWCT Personality titleholder that’s who.

The former Ms. Laga who is married to Roger Pamugas and the mother of three made pageant history in our Alma Mater when she became the first Engineering student to be crowned Miss DWCT. 
 Miss DWCT 1991 & Pageant Emcee Reunite after 25 Years
Brechyl is the younger sister of Alice Romero Laga, my very close friend and classmate from Grade 1 to high school. They jetted in from Toronto, Canada where they have been based for years to attend the wedding of a nephew and to enjoy a two week- long vacation in Bohol , Cebu and Boracay.
  Your Roving Eye is flanked by Brechyl & Alice
The 1991 edition of Miss DWCT would always be unforgettable for aside from being Your Roving Eye’s first Miss DWCT emceeing stint (co- hosting was good friend & classmate Ma. Nathalie “Myna” Ramo) It ended up as the Miss DWCT pageant that had the longest wait before a winner would be crowned because of a natural disaster that struck the province.  
L-R: Alice, Brechyl, Sinia & Malou with Brianna Rose  
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It was supposed to be staged in February 1990 as highlight of DWCT’s College Days celebration but had to be shelved when an earthquake struck the eastern coast of Bohol. 
The original candidates were Florida Acuna Miss College of Arts & Sciences, Ma. Fe Evangelista Miss Commerce, Ana Brechyl Laga Miss Engineering, Rachel Penales Miss High School, Beverly Largo Miss Nursing, Liza Martinez Miss Secretarial & Genevieve Jamisola Miss Teacher’s College. 

Everyone was so excited as the line- up was topnotch but tragedy struck. Just two days before the pageant, a devastating earthquake struck Bohol and thus forced the school to cancel the campus celebrations.
Brechyl's publicity photo taken at
Mag- aso Falls, Antequera
The aborted pageant pushed through after a year of waiting and that makes the pageant the longest pageant ever. Since some of the original candidates were graduating students or cited personal reasons for withdrawing from the contest, the affected colleges had to select replacements. 

Recelle Adlaon was fielded by the College of Nursing, Ma. Jennifer Mejorada replaced Ma. Florida “Pol” Acuna and legendary beauty Geneva Baja earned the right to represent the Teacher’s College after winning the Miss CoEd search.
 Miss DWCT 1991 candidates in their cocktail wear
during the Opening Number & Intro of Candidates
Ana Brechyl earned the nod of the judging panel with her natural grace and elegance, stage presence, charm and her very smart & eloquent response to the final question. Majen Mejorada emerged as 1st RU and Miss High School Rachel Penales clinched 2nd RU and the Miss Talent title.

 All the Miss DWCT 1991 queens wore identical gowns
during the pageant finals
L-R: 1st RU Ms CAS, Miss DWCT 1991 Ms Engg & 2nd RU Ms HS 
Meet the 1990 & 1991 Miss DWCT Candidates

  Brechyl crowns Talie Inting as Miss DWCT 1995. With them
 is Fr. Pres. Florante Camacho, SVD
It has been 25 years since Brechyl was crowned Miss DWCT and yet she is still the same Brechyl that I first knew. Level- headed, grounded and still a headturner.

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