Sunday, January 24, 2016

Miss Universe Crowning Fiasco in Photos

Philippine pride Pia Wurtzbach who brought home our third Miss Universe crown has finally come home for her victory parade and thanksgiving.
 Pia Wurtzbach's official Miss Universe 2015 glamshot 
Later today, Pia will face the press to fill them in on her new life as Miss Universe and answer questions that are related to her responsibilities as spokesperson for the Miss Universe Org. Tomorrow,   Pia will be onboard her float for the ticker tape parade that will start at 9 am from Quezon City then City of Manila and finally to Makati City.

As Pia basks in the limelight and offers her victory to an adoring Philippines, let’s take a look back at the crowning moments of Miss Universe 2015 where first- time pageant host Steve Harvey wrongly announced Miss Colombia as the winner.
""It’s better to have been crowned and lost
Than not being crowned at all""
 from 80 to the final five
 the Top Three
 the lights continue to shine for Pia & Ariadna
 the last two girls standing
 it's Miss Colombia! 
 Ariadna cries for joy while Pia is led to her spot
it's a back- to- back for Colombia
 Ariadna proudly waves the Colombian flag
 a forlorn- looking Steve Harvey goes back 
 Steve Harvey apologizes to the crowd & to Ariadna
 a surprised Pia is patted on the back by Olivia 
 a bewildered & unbelieving Pia goes to centerstage 
 awkward & confusing moment

 Paulina's shining moment as reigning Miss Universe
 the Vanquished & the Victor
 Ariadna bravely smiles through the ordeal
 the gracious & well- bred ladies who congratulated Pia
 Pia  was the epitome of grace & humility during those
tense moments and came out the big winner
On hindsight, when I reviewed the Final Look segment in Miss Universe where pop supertar Seal serenades Pia with his hit song “Crazy”, I realized that the title of the song has unwittingly become the defining word for what the pageant has undergone last year from transfer of ownership to the crowning fiasco and the ensuing aftermath.

But one thing is for sure though; there is no sign that the Philippines’ crazy fascination with the Miss Universe pageant will show signs of abating. 

Long live Pia!

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