Sunday, January 31, 2016

Alice Romero Laga: BFF from Bohol and Beyond

Your Roving Eye has been asked a million times if he has a BFF. Yes, of course, there are two. You will meet them in two separate features. One is based in Illinois and the other is based in Toronto, Canada.

Let’s begin with the Canadian- based friend. Our friendship actually started when we were in Grade One. Yes, we were classmates from Grade One to Grade Six then high school and all the way to senior high.
Her name? She is Alice Romero Laga and why am I writing about her now? Well, she just came home for a wedding that also served as their family reunion.

She is the real definition of a survivor. A beautiful survivor at that. Inside and out. If there’s someone who is very happy for what is at present, that would have to be me for I have been privy to her heartaches and disappointments in life.

Alice during grade school & high school graduation
After those carefree and innocent years of high school where we became groupmates in science projects to being cheatmates uhm seatmates rather, it was time for high school graduation  and the obligatory goodbyes and the promise to keep in touch.

becoming a a nurse was the realization of her dream

Those years after high school were such a blur and the next time we met again during those instant class reunions, we have become older but definitely wiser.

 Her Precious Gems: Aga.Al.Aljin.Aljun

We went  back to our separate ways but there were the occasional hi’s and hellos. And yes, just like any friends, we also had our share of misunderstanding and petty spats as well and we always swear never to see each other again and we even unfriend each other in Facebook but the moment we see each other, everything flies out the window and it's back to usual. 

Friends after all these years
Anda, Bohol, Jan 2016 

I then found out that she was in already in Canada and starting to live her life again.

I am so delighted to know that she is doing good and getting a second chance at life and very happy that she is with her three sons and a daughter with her in Toronto. 

A high- paying job, a successful career, a serene & peaceful life are what she has right now

After meeting and catching up with Alice the last time she was here last January, it is with much relief that she hasn't changed at all. 

If there is a change, it's a change for the better.

Thank you Alice for the gift of friendship.

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