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Miss Universe Philippines Trivia & Tidbits Through the Decades

With the Miss Universe triumph of Pia Wurtzbach, the Philippines is now ranked fourth after USA, Venezuela & Puerto Rico in that order as the countries with the most number of Miss Universe crowns. The Philippines also lives up to its billing as the Pearl of the Orient Seas since it is the most successful Asian country in Miss Universe. Three Miss Universe crowns, two 1st RU, five 3rd RU, two 4th RU and eight semifinalists plus special awards.

From 1952 to 1957 and 1962 to 1963, the Miss Philippines pageant was held to select the representative of the Philippines to the Miss Universe Pageant. There were no representatives from 1958- 1961. 

After the first Miss International winner Stella Marquez Araneta of Colombia got married to Filipino Jorge Araneta, she organized Bb Pilipinas Charities Inc in 1964 right after acquiring the local Miss Universe franchise and has been sending candidates from 1964 to the present without fail.

Here now are the firsts for the Philippines in Miss Universe:

 Teresita Torralba Sanchez
FIRST FILIPINA DELEGATE. Teresita Torralba Sanchez entered pageant history books as the first Filipina to have competed in Miss Universe when she was selected to be the country’s representative in the pageant’s inaugural edition in 1952. 

Teresita Torralba Sanchez was crowned Miss Philippines 1952 on April 26, 1952 by the Mayor of Manila, Arsenio Lacson at the Fiesta Pavilion of Manila Hotel. 

During the pageant finals on June 28, 1952 held at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, Long Beach, California, Teresita fainted but recovered before the announcement of winners.  

FIRST TOP 15 SEMIFINALIST. Maria Candida Blesilda "Bessie" Mueler Ocampo who was crowned Miss Philippines on December 19, 1953 at the Boys Town Auditorium is the first Filipina delegate to make it as top 15 semifinalist  
  Blesilda Mueler Ocampo: 1st Top 15 for RP
FIRST TOP FIVE FINALIST. Miss Philippines Lalaine Betia Bennett is the first Filipina to enter the Miss Universe Final Five. Lalaine eventually finished as 3rd Runner-Up to Ieda Maria Vargas of Brazil. She married her official escort in the pageant, Felix Skievasky, a US Naval Officer of Polish-Filipino descent in Manila.
  Lalaine is Miss U 1963 3rd Runner Up

FIRST BB. PILIPINAS- UNIVERSE. In 1964, Maria Myrna Sese Panlilio became the first Bb Pilipinas to represent the Philippines in the Miss Universe Pageant  

FIRST MISS UNIVERSE. Gloria Diaz became the first Filipina and third Asian to win the Miss Universe Pageant after besting 60 other beauty delegates from around the world at the 18th Miss Universe pageant held at the Miami Beach Auditorium in Miami Beach, Florida, USA , July 19 1969. Outgoing queen Martha Vasconcellos of Brazil crowned Gloria Diaz.  

Incidentally, Gloria is also the first Filipina and first Miss Universe to enter the sound- proof glass booth  that made its first appearance during the final Q & A in Miss Universe 1969

FIRST SIBLINGS TO COMPETE IN MISS UNIVERSE. When Simonette Berenguer de Los Reyes represented the country in the 1970 Miss Universe Pageant, she made history with her sister Yvonne Berenguer de los Reyes as the first Filipina siblings to compete in Miss Universe. Yvonne competed in 1955

FIRST MISS PHOTOGENIC. 1971. Alluring and vivacious Vida Valentina Doria is the first Filipina to be voted Miss Photogenic by the press photographers of Miss Universe

Miss Photogenic is Miss Philippines

FIRST FILIPINA MISS UNIVERSE & MISS PHOTOGENIC WINNER. In 1973, Margarita "Margie" Moran became the first Filipina to win both the Miss Universe crown and the Miss Photogenic award. Margie is the second Miss Universe to achieve the feat. The first being Margreta Arvidsson of Sweden back in 1966.
1973 Miss Universe & Miss Photogenic

FIRST ASIAN COUNTRY TO HOST MISS UNIVERSE The Philippines became the first Asian country to host the Miss Universe Pageant in 1974. The country hosted the pageant for the second time in 1994.

FIRST SUMMA CUM LAUDE GRADUATE 1976 Lizbeth Padua. Hopes were high in 1976 when a Summa Cum Laude graduate from UP Diliman Lizbeth Padua represented the country in Hong Kong. She was however shut out from the semis thus starting the first of four years of non- placement.

FIRST BEST NATIONAL COSTUME Charlene Gonzales won the Best National Costume award in the 1994 Miss U Pageant held in Manila.

Charlene Gonzales wins Best National Costume with her Tboli costume 

FIRST CLAIROL HERBAL ESSENCES AWARD. 1999. Miriam Quiambao became the first Filipina to win the Clairol Herbal Essences Style Award for her personal style with emphasis on her healthy hair

FIRST BEST IN SWIMSUIT. Ariella Ara Arida became the first Filipina to be selected Best in Swimsuit after topping the swimsuit competition in the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant held in Moscow, Russia. She eventually finished 3rd RU
 Best in Swimsuit & Fans' Favorite
FIRST FAN VOTE WINNER. In addition to the Best in Swimsuit special award, Ariella is also the first Filipina recipient of the Fan Vote Award which catapulted her into the Top 16 

FIRST MISS UNIVERSE WINNER FROM WME/ IMG.  Pia Wurtzbach holds the distinction of being the first Miss Universe winner under WME/ IMG, the new owners & management 

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