Sunday, December 13, 2015

Remembering Jingjong Borja Mascarinas

She would have been a fabulous fifty- eight today had she not gone ahead to the Great Beyond. 

And so last night, Kuya Art Mascarinas, together with daughter Joyce and her hubby Ian Astilla, gathered friends and acquaintances including Your Roving Eye for an intimate get- together at the MetroCentre Hotel. 
 Tita Jingjong: You are sorely missed 
It was an evening to  remember the happy times shared with Fe Socorro B.Mascarinas better known as Tita JingJong Borja- Mascarinas.

It was not only a night of reminiscing and renewal but also a time to celebrate the life that Tita Jingjong had and how lucky we were to have met her and to have known her. 

She would always be remembered not only for her laughter, her one- liners & her uniqueness but mostly for her big heart and her joie de vivre.    

 Your Roving Eye, Joyce Astilla, Janin Tan & Leizl Gregorio
US- based Alo Bantilan & Boy Castillo joins Art in the fun event

 Joyce, Leizl & fashionista Jong Magallano

 Ian Astiila, Joyce M. Astilla, Janina Tan & Art Mascarinas

Also seen during the affair were Alo Bantilan, Boy Castillo, designer Jong Magallano, stylist Jhan del Valle, stylish Leizl Lim Gregorio, playful Janin Yap- Tan, jewelry designer Christine Virtucio.

Tita Jingjong, we know that from where you are up there, a smile is curling up your lips knowing that your ever thoughtful & affectionate hubby Art has not forgotten your special day. Cheers!

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