Thursday, May 12, 2016

Alturas Mall Opens Screenville Digital Cinemas

Going to the movies in downtown Tagbilaran City would never be the same again after Alturas Mall opened its three state-of-the-art digital cinemas, fully-equipped with NEC Lazer Projector, the latest in cinema technology. 
 Screenville: movie viewing at its best!  
The new Alturas Screenville Digital Cinemas take pride to be the first and only digital cinemas in Bohol, and among the few in the country today, to install laser-based projectors which help creates stunning visuals and crisp surround sound from every seat in the house.

Comfortable seats & lots of legroom 
Alturas Screenville Cinemas also immerse the audience to a more compelling theater experience through its powerful JBL speakers, advanced Dolby Digital processor, and high-quality Silver Screen. 

 Ritchel Mutia: great PR guy

It also has comfortable and easy-to-adjust fabric seats that add comfort to everyone. Your Roving Eye got the chance to experience a most awesome movie viewing experience during Screenville’s sneak preview a couple of weeks back.

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