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Why Tubigon is Currently the Beauty Capital of Bohol

Celebrating nine years of beauty & glamour, Anyag sa Tubigon crowned its 2016 queen last May 15 with another remarkable Tubignon lady who epitomizes beauty, brains & breeding. The pageant was organized in order to serve as a training ground for its young ladies to showcase their potentials and their talents. The organizers’ hard work and determination paid off when it rejoined Miss Bohol again in 2010 after a decade of non- participation.
Anyag sa Tubigon 2016 is....
The northern gateway to Bohol Tubigon struck gold when its bet Amir Sol emerged as Miss Bohol in 2010. Tubigon achieved a rare back-to-back victory when its bet Farah Mian clinched the crown in 2011. Mariecris Evardo placed 1st RU in 2012. The town missed the 2013 edition after its bet didn’t push through with her participation. In 2014, its bet Jaya Lozanowas named 3rd RU. Last year’s bet Clarlaine Radoc emerged 2nd RU

 Amir & Farrah: Tubigon's Back-to-Back Beauties
Indeed, the town’s impressive record in the annual Miss Bohol Pageant which is the opening salvo & glamorous highlight of the annual month- long Sandugo Festival is no easy feat. The current decade is shaping up to be the town’s Golden Age in Bohol Pageantry.


Q & A workshop
Less than a decade after its inception, Tubigon is now reaping its just rewards. So what’s the secret for their remarkable success rate in Miss Bohol? According to Dennis Balbero& Jason Martinote, the Anyag sa Tubigon Pageant gives the official candidates several seminars and workshops, some intended to enhance their physical beauty while others are conducted to develop their character and values.

They are also exposed to different activities such as eco-tours and tree planting to instill in them a love of nature and concern for the environment. Moreover, these candidates are made to attend social functions such as company visits to hone their confidence in dealing with other people. 

The pageant organizers also devote a year to groom, train & polish their winners before they are fielded in the province- wide pageant.
  Tree Planting Activity

Expect the outgoing Anyag sa Tubigon 2015 Jean Olive Zoilo and the town’s official bet for Miss Bohol this year to be one of the frontrunners. When interviewed by Your Roving Eye, the 20 year old Jean who recently acquired her BS Accountancy degree admitted to feeling the pressure but she is more than ready to carry her town’s banner this July.

FIERCE & FABULOUS: Jean Olive Zoilo is Tubigon’s Miss Bohol 2016 bet

For a town that takes it pageant seriously and fiercely proud of its lovely ladies, no less than a top five finish is expected from Olive Jean Zoilo.
 Jean Olive Zoilo during last year's Q & A

Now you understand how Miss Venezuela feels when she competes in the annual Miss Universe pageant. We await how Jean Olive Zoilo intends to make an impressive showing in Miss Bohol two months from now.

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