Monday, May 30, 2016

Miss World 2006 BFF's Reunite During Anna's Wedding

Ten years ago, when Anna Maris competed in Miss World 2006, she forged a close friendship with two of her fellow contestants from Asia. That friendship that has endured for a decade now has been strengthened by visits, emails, social media updates & being bridesmaids to their respective weddings.
  Singapore, Philippines & Hong Kong beauty sorority

 Photo Credits: April Lupot
 Photo Credits: Parul Shah
On her most unforgettable day, Anna was joined by Singapore’s Colleen Pereira & Hong Kong’s Janet Chow who have been both by her side when she walked down the sandy aisle with Tommy.
  the three ladies during Miss World 2006

Now who says pageants can’t be arenas for enduring friendship & sisterhood?

  Colleen, Janet & Anna 

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