Monday, November 21, 2016

Bibingka de Astoria: Best Bibingka in Bohol

Your Roving Eye had a most delectable and delightful midday frolic at Astoria Resort in Baclayon, Bohol. With Jagna socialite and lady of leisure Mrs. Evelia Ranoco in tow, a most amazing discovery was made!
 The mouthwatering Bibingka de Astoria 
Astoria has the best bibingka in Bohol. Try the Bibingka de Astoria with grated coconut meat, shreds of the best cheese & hints of brown saccharine delight all sprinkled on top the resort’s undisputed bestseller. Upon taking your first bite, you will discover that right inside is a sliver of leche flan! It's the perfect Christmas giveaway or gift!

Bibingka de Astoria comes in three different flavors

 Mommy Evelia Mozo Ranoco tries the cheesy flavored bibingka
It is best enjoyed with hot native chocolate drink or with freshly- brewed coffee at Astoria's Pamana Restaurant offering panoramic and unobstructed views of the ocean and the azure skies. 
 the perfect Christmas gift or giveaways for VIP's

With no less than charming resident manager Elizabeth Suarez Bustrillos taking us to a leisurely tour around the resort that culminated with a most filling gustatory experience.

Your Roving Eye with Mrs. Vel Ranoco & Beth Bustrillos
poses at the resort’s selfie spot
photo credits: Christian Lungay 
If you love good food in a quiet and private setting, hie off to Astoria Resort and enjoy one of the best fine dining experiences this side of Bohol.

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